Ten Tips for Creating Engaging YouTube Videos

Are you starting a new YouTube channel? Get some helpful advice on best practices for your videos right here.

In this video, Sorelle Amore shares 10 of her best tips for creating YouTube videos that have energy and personality. Obviously her advice is catered towards what has worked for her channel, so don’t feel that copying her style is the one and only way to make a YouTube video engaging.

As an avid viewer of photography-related YouTube videos, I’d say the three most important things are length, information, and authenticity — the last being something that Amore touches on in the video above. If a video is over the 8 minute mark, it’s rare I’ll want to click it and invest that amount of time, especially when YouTube videos are notorious for filler content and aimless vlogging. That leads to information. The information that’s being presented is king. The better the information you’re sharing, the more people will let slide in terms of production quality. Finally, authenticity matters, and it’s so blatantly obvious when a person is putting on an act in front of the camera. It’s cringeworthy and unnecessary, so just be yourself.

What are your own tips for people getting started on YouTube? As a viewer, what are the things that bother you or are straight dealbreakers when watching? Share in the comments below.

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