Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Outdoor Portraits

In this great video, Brandon Woelfel takes us through photographing with natural light at golden hour and dusk. Explaining his ISO, shutter speed and aperture options at every stage makes it nice and easy to grasp the secrets he's sharing. 

Brandon outlines how he takes some test shots before he even meets his model — getting all the settings moved over from his previous shoot. This is a great tip — easily overlooked, but so important. 

The most salient tip for me is looking for locations that have layering, and that offer interesting light as well as interesting environments. Stopping to take photographs at a pretty location or where you spot amazing light will both lead to great shots — and if you can find a location that combines the two, you're really onto a winner. 

His reminder to keep moving on in a shoot and to search out new locations also really resonates with me — subjects can become less energized. Simply moving on before that happens keeps the energy fresh, as well as bringing lots of variety to your images. 

Oh, and it doesn't hurt to take a professional dancer with incredible skills with you either! 

I hope you find these tips useful — enjoy that ongoing search for interesting light and locations. 

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Matthias Dengler's picture

Those Instagram photographers tend to neglect facial expression of their model.
In my opinion, none of the facial expressions were flattering to her.
And what I will never understand, is why people don't shoot in aperture priority using the histogram.
That way, they would have proper exposures every single time.