Tips for Styling, Posing, and Editing Shoots With Male Models

"But why male models," asks Derek Zoolander, which might just be the very question you are asking yourself right now. Why pointedly distinguish shoot styles between genders?

No, I do not recommend adapting your shooting and posing guides from the hilarious movie by Ben Stiller, but Zoolander really does ask a valid question, even if taken out of context. Working with male models is its own genre and requires a different approach than other portrait styles that you may already be comfortable with shooting. For better or worse, there seem to be more women interested in modeling than there are men that are interested in similar careers. This means that there is a ton of information out there concerning how to set up, pose, capture, and edit images for women, but there isn't nearly as much help for those that specifically set up shoots for male models.

This video from Irene Rudnyk is one of her longer ones, but it goes into amazing detail and covers a lot of different scenarios involving shoots for men. Whether you are interested in pursuing commercial work involving male models or you are working with men as your subject and client, then this video is definitely one that is worth your time. Rudnyk takes the time to explain with her other contributing photographers why some light that she wouldn't have used for female clients is put to good use when working with their male model. From setting up viable poses, to working with various qualities of light, to picking certain wardrobe elements, this video is a great way to jumpstart your approach to taking on portraiture designed for men. Personally, I found the entire video very insightful and definitely recommend giving it a look.

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Because although there are men, curvy women and women of advanced age we are still seeing an overabundance of shots featuring young girls (skinny) etc.

Refreshing to see this posted works for men too ;-)

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-- "Refreshing to see this posted works for men too"

Yet, no men in your FS portfolio. And, your website has mostly women. :)