Understanding the Science of Deep Focus and the Hyperfocal Distance

Some of the greatest films ever made took advantage of deep focus and Hyperfocal distance to tell a story on screen. Here's how you too can master the concept and add a valuable technique to your video and photography repertoire.

The guys over at FilmmakerIQ are back once more to explain all the science behind Deep Focus and Hyperfocal Distance with some handy real-world examples to help you understand the math behind it.

Most of you will probably have heard of the term "Hyperfocal" especially when talking about getting as much in focus for your landscape photography, but how many actually know the science behind it? Furthermore, how many have ever considered taking advantage of the phenomenon and using it in other genres of photography?

The video goes on to show some great movie examples from past and present of where this theory has been used to great effect. They also pose the question that as more and more modern films begin to employ this deep focus look could we be seeing a change in fashions from the desirable shallow depth of field to one where the majority of the shot is pin sharp? If this proves to be the case it might not be a bad idea to brush up on how to achieve this look so you can keep ahead of the curve.

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Robert Nurse's picture

Call me lazy. I just downloaded the app Hyper Focal Pro. But, I'll keep viewing this until I get it.

Paul Parker's picture

Same! I had to watch the video a few times to get my head around it...

Iwan Price-Evans's picture

After watching that video, I feel like I'm inside the circle of confusion.

Paul Parker's picture

Hahaha best comment this year!!