Want to Take Better Landscape Photos? Embrace the Bad Weather

Think about some of your favorite landscape shots. Can you remember what the weather was like in them? If I had to guess, at least some of them had what we might consider bad or even horrible weather. Here's why that can help you take better photos.

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this brief but great video talks about why you should embrace bad weather when shooting landscapes. Personally, there's nothing I hate more than a plain blue sky in a landscape shot, mostly because the sky is normally a large proportion of the photo and when it's cloudless, the plainness doesn't do much to complement whatever is below it, unless I'm specifically looking to shoot something minimalist. As the video explains, that's not the only reason to grab your camera when rain and snow threaten. The average person probably doesn't enjoy heading outside when storms threaten or when there's a ton of snow on the ground, so they're not as used to seeing those sorts of things. By embracing those conditions in your work, you're providing the viewer with something they're not used to seeing simply by virtue of the weather, and that by itself generates an inherent interest in your images. 

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Lou Bragg's picture

Bad weather - get ready to ruin your gear, unless you take extreme precautions. Even then sh..t happens ...

Christian Gebert's picture

Speziell in einer Schlichtheit gewöhnt greifen !!!!!

Deleted Account's picture

Umm... Okay. ;-)

Deleted Account's picture

Most of the time, the bad weather in "bad weather" photos, doesn't really seem that bad to me. I love the results; I would just characterize the weather as interesting rather than bad.

Daniel Guinn's picture

I think there is a disconnect when photographers, vloggers, and columnists talk about bad weather and how they got the shot. To me, there's a difference between BAD weather and PHOTOGENIC weather. Weather that you truly cannot take the camera out and/or get a shot that would be worth the effort would constitute "bad weather" to me. But most of the time, a photographer's vlog or articles like this will have these excellent images of Photogenic weather such as rolling storm clouds over mountains that enhance an image and can help cultivate a truly remarkable moment in time.