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Why You Should Bother With 4K Video

It's always a polarizing topic even from the time a new camera body is rumored. The 4K specification brings forward the passion of the most vocal in the video community. But for all the back and forth, will it alone actually make your video better?

If you are mainly a stills photographer, you know the day has most certainly arrived where video skills are a must to elevate your brand and maximize your overall menu of services. Look amongst this crowded sea of creatives where everyone is looking for a differentiator in quality. So, should you fret over this pinnacle specification when choosing your next camera body? Certainly, this setting alone will not make your videos worthy of those hard-earned views. So, why then do some even go as far as to adapt a new system, abandoning their trusted family of equipment?

While I would not venture out as far to advise on what is right and wrong for your situation as a creative, I will stress that having the ability to capture multiple looks within one shot is just one very advantageous reason to toggle that 4K option on, especially when recording as a one-person band. In the video above, Todd Wolfe, a man with over two decades of experience in the video industry, breaks down his reasons on why he chooses 4K on his Canon 5D Mark IV and why you should consider the additional options utilization of 4K will provide you moving forward.

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Robert Altman's picture

A(another) Plus for the Nikon D850 - 4K Video with no crop!!