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Mark Seliger's Oscar Party Portraits for Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is taking to Instagram to show off Mark Seliger’s celebrity portraits from the Oscars last night. While you may not have watched the award show in its entirety, or at all, the shots are worth taking a peek at. Vanity Fair has been uploading a bunch of images from the likes of Steve Martin to Lady Gaga since last night, there is even a neat time-lapse of the team building the studio for Seliger.

Seliger and Vanity Fair partnered with Instagram last year to show off some behind-the-scenes fun instantly, but they sure stepped up the studio and lighting game this time around. It also appears they have checked the Instagram filters at the door. Just a few weeks ago I posted about the Getty Images portrait studio at the Sundance Festival.

BTS time-lapse of the studio build:

Conan’s Hair on point as usual:

Lady Gaga:

Steve Martin:

Eddie Redmayne:

Alejandro González:

Adam Levine and Bahati Prinsloo:

Keep checking back on their Instagram as it seems they aren’t done uploading just yet.

[via Vanity Fair]

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Bert McLendon's picture

So cool! What a great way to build an entire celebrity portfolio all at once. Jealous!

Dan Cavallari's picture

I really love the Vanity Fair photo style. This look is very close to what I want to do with my own shots. Anyone have any killer lighting diagrams/editing tips to get this look?

Matt Rennells's picture

From the behind the scenes video posted on another site, it appears to be a large octa or PLM behind another diffusion panel, with a couple of handheld gobos to keep spill off the background walls. There appeared to be another source on the right, either a fill reflector or very low power softbox -- but that could have been for the video production only as there is no catchlight for the secondary light in any of the eyes of the photos. Using a softbox or large source behind another diffusion panel can create wonderful wrapping light (imagine being able to have a gradient across the front of your softbox) as was shown a tutorial on here for shooting an alcohol bottle (can't remember what product it was).

Dan Cavallari's picture

Do you have a link to the BTS?

Christian Berens's picture

I love the editing and I love the lighting! If anyone has any input on that I'd appreciate it!

J Bedford's picture

@Christian Berens - Looks like a simple large octa bank to me. One light...Not sure about the post work. Probably a formula he worked for one, then pasted over the others.

Gustavo urena's picture

Love the set