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Round 2: Download and Retouch Nino Batista's Raw File From St. Louis

After receiving almost 300 submissions to my previous raw file challenge (inspired by Dani's post last year), I decided to cap the entries at 200, because why not, and also put out a second raw file and an all new challenge. This time, with a shot of model Anna Truett, shot inside the Union Station Hotel convention area in St. Louis.

The guidelines are the same, and I encourage you to get on it pretty quick if you want to try your approach. Submissions hit 200+ within about 5 days last time!

Thing To Do #1: Download the file.

You can do that by clicking here: FILE HAS BEEN REMOVED - Stacks of submissions have been received (way over 100, for the record) and being reviewed.  Thank you, everyone!

I shot this during the later part of the afternoon after my ShutterFest speaking engagements, and was roaming around Union Station Hotel looking for scenes to capture. This shot varies from the previous shot in many ways, but mostly because it was shot nearly wide open on my 85mm.

Thing To Do #2: Retouch the image to completion any way you see fit.

Final images that look like real effort was put into them will be considered far above "joke" submissions. This is a photography website, not Reddit, kids.

Thing To Do #3: Email me your final edit.

Please ensure your image is 2048 px long side, JPG format, and email it to me at Let me know your name and link to feature if your shot is selected. Unlike last time, no more than 100 submissions will be reviewed. 

Thing To Do #4: Do not post your final image anywhere. Yet.

This includes in the comments on this article; just don't, ok? Again, let's have fun with this but still keep professional parameters in check.

Thing To Do #5: Watch to see if your final image is selected to be showcased on The Backyard.

The Top 10 images picked will be featured here on an upcoming Fstoppers article of mine, where the Top 3 selected final works will be showcased on an episode of The Backyard on YouTube, announced and discussed by Staci Renee and myself. That episode should drop at the beginning or middle of May, 2016. Thanks again and get to retouching!

Has to be said again, just to be clear, please do *not* download this JPG to edit. This is here simply as a visual aid so you know what you're downloading!


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greg-urbano's picture

For a landscape guy like myself this is a fun exercise for sure!

Win Mag's picture

oncge again, great shot Nino, congrats, snet my entry too!:) enjoyed working on it.:)

Nissor Abdourazakov's picture


Tomash Masojc's picture

Ha, cool idea :)) it will be fun to see after, how people from around the world have different style and taste :)

Tim Younkin's picture

Had fun with this one.

Jason Lorette's picture

Awesome...I'll grab this one when I get home tonight! I'm excited to see how my other edit did in your challenge. :)

stir photos's picture

I hope I'm not too late this time... I'm such a C student. Will keep an eye out to see how it goes. Good luck to everyone else who participated!

Jacques Cornell's picture

More interesting would be to solicit narrative stories that explain why a young woman is exposing herself in a convention center.

Josean Rosario's picture

I had fun with it <3
Just sent mine so hopefully I made it in

philippe thibault's picture

It's really an amazing idea. Retouching his great pictures sure is fun!

Jack van der Heijden's picture

Post it....I hope you like it....let's see...

Kwan Seng Low's picture

Done! submitted.

Jason Lorette's picture

Dowloaded, edited, and submitted...hope one of my two make the cuts! :)

Rodrigo Capuski's picture

Too late, again :(

Kendall Lartigue's picture

Any update on this competition? It's already the end of May.

Adam Derham's picture

When is the show going to happen?

Jason Lorette's picture

Wondering that myself...I thought early May and we are now June. I'm really curious to see if one of my two edits made either cut. It was fun to edit Nino's shots. :)

Jason Lorette's picture

Hey Nino...when are we finding out the results of this one? :)

Will Gavillan's picture

Hey Nino, I'm sure you're busy. Just wondering when you might post the critique of the edits for this photo. Love your work, man