Cheap Film Stocks That Are Surprisingly Good

Film photographers revere only one thing as much as the camera they're shooting with, and that's film stocks. Every film photographer has some favorites, but here are one photographer's picks that won't cost you the earth.

When I bought my first camera, digital photography had established itself as the industry standard. Film was still a recent memory, but it was so recent that most photographers didn't seem to care for it at all as digital was just better. Over the years since I bought that first camera, that has changed. Now people have an affection for film photography that I believe is more than just nostalgia or an appreciation of things retro. The process itself has an appeal that's difficult to describe.

However, as film has moved further away in time from when it was the standard, the costs of shooting with it have increased. The most desirable rolls of film can cost a small fortune and have been hoarded by passionate photographers after buying boxes at auction. However, you don't need the rarest and most desirable stock to get some great images and enjoy the process. In this video, Vuhlandes shoots with several cheaper stocks that could be the gateway into your new photography obsession.

What is your favorite film stock and why?

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Marc F's picture

Konica IR750, Kodak EIR

Laury Wollery's picture

LoL maybe I'm a pleb but Ektar 100 has been my absolute favorite of everything I've tried.
I fully intended to find some super special exclusive film stock that would be my go to and I ended up just falling in love with the colors.
Cheap and easy to find anywhere.

Mo Jo's picture

I love ektar especially on 120. People say its oversaturated but you can always tweak it in post to look like portra. I just love the detail. I like kodak gold for 35mm though.

Marc F's picture

I never tried Ektar 100 but I was very happy with Ektar 25. I still have some rolls of it. It’s not oversaturated.

Brandon Hopkins's picture

Where are you finding "cheap" Ektar 100? It's around $10-11 a roll most places. (in the US anyway)

Paul Trantow's picture

Why is this a video instead of just a blog post? We're talking grain, aren't we?