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An Expert's Master List for Sourcing Fantasy and Couture Costumes

If anyone knows how to put together an incredible fantasy ensemble, it's creative portrait artist Laura Sheridan. Want to know where you can source amazing pieces like her for fantasy photo shoots? She's got a list for you.

One of the most difficult parts of creating a fantastical, over-the-top portrait is sourcing the costumes, but creative portrait photographer Laura Sheridan — who is known for her striking fantasy portraits — has put together a list of designers around the world who rent and ship their designs to photographers.  

Photograph shared with permission of Laura Sheridan

"It’s so incredibly difficult as a beginner — or established photographer trying to branch out — to find resources of costumes, and I hope this list is a kick in this direction," she told me in a recent email. Sheridan said that there was a time when she was very careful about keeping certain information, such as where she sourced the designs for her shoots, a secret because those resources took years to build. She recently realized, though, that building a list like the one shared on her education platform,, was a fantastic way to support the designers she had been working with for years, all while helping her fellow photographers grow the way so many had helped her.

Making a list was suddenly an extension of my beliefs and what I want to stand for: it costs me nothing to create a place with my community that’s dedicated to creating and inspiring; something I want to do and what gives me an immense pleasure to read how grateful people are for this as well. And not just for my personal reasons alone. Besides that, I got to work with many of the designers I’ve listed and they deserve to get more spotlight than just some credit in a description. I want their businesses to flourish as well and at the same time give people out there the opportunity to level up their portfolio to a new level.

Photograph shared with permission of Laura Sheridan

Sheridan says that the list will also continue to grow as designers contact her to be added to the roster, and she hopes that photographers will find the list a valuable resource for the photo shoots, but also foster a greater sense of community among creative photographers and designers. 

"This list on itself is something I want to believe in, where we support each other in more ways and the world of creative photography gets a little bit more open and a little bit more connected with each session that happens. So many people have done this for me and introduced me and I want to pass on who I know and what I’ve learned now. And I hope it gives someone out there the inspiration to follow their creative dreams now.”

The list gives pertinent information such as the location of the designer, the approximate cost of pieces, and shipping locations, as well as examples of their work. Now photographers have a resource to look to when building shoots or even wardrobes for their studios. The designers are spread across the globe, which makes this list an even more valuable resource for the photography community at large.

Photograph shared with permission of Laura Sheridan

To check out the list, head to this Rental List Costume Styling Link. If you are a designer who rents to photographers or know a designer who does and would like to be included in the list, contact Laura Sheridan at with the subject "Costume rental" and include the following information:

  • Name:
  • Genre Costume(s)
  • Website
  • Social Media links
  • Price Range: $ - $$ - $$$
  • Based in (country)
  • Ship to: EU - USA - Worldwide 
  • Three photos for examples

Do you shoot fantasy or with costumes? How do you source them?

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Ben D's picture

Thank you!!

Laura Sheridan's picture

You're most welcome!

michaeljin's picture

This is freaking awesome!

Laura Sheridan's picture

I'm glad you like it so much! :)

Dan Crowther's picture

Fantastic! Thank you! Now I can stop begging my reenactor friends for pieces of their kit; or augment them with non-historical items.

Joshua Baker's picture

Thanks! Would love to have more in the US

Nicole York's picture

Laura is always looking to expand her list, so feel free to pass along anyone if you think they'd like to be included!

Laura Sheridan's picture

What she said! I've been building as much as I can but I only have my own resources & word-of-mouth. If you have any suggestions or want to apss on the article with the note people can send their information I would highly appreciate it!

Musing Eye's picture

Sheridan's Art you have beautiful work, I think I first saw your pieces via Flickr. It's amazing stuff and I only recently followed the link to your website and blog, and the article that probably inspired this piece. Thank you, and I look forward to having time to read all more of your articles!

Laura Sheridan's picture

Thank you so incredibly much for your lovely words!