Anonymous Instagramming Chef Has Created Beautiful Food Photos That Parody Culinary Culture

Ironically mocking foodies with hashtags #foodporn, #cheflife and #theartofplating and using corn dogs, Bugles and Luncheables; anonymous insta-chef @chefjacqueslamerde (hilariously translates to Chef Jack Shit) has taken a tongue and cheek approach to Instragramming glorious and intricately plated bourgeois food. 

"Small portions | tweezering everything," claims LaMerde as each plate is a deliberate combination of brightly colored and tiny items arranged in elaborate culinary professionalism. It is the content of each arrangement that draws some intrigue to the parody; jalapeño poppers, macaroni salad and crushed Cheez-its with the caption "SUBBING OUR USUAL BUTTERNUT PUREE W/ GERBER BABY FOOD 2NITE"

What's more the photos are beautiful as well. Each arrangement is a delicate and perfect combination of contrasted colors on a stark white plate. A consistent angle focusing the attention to the contents of the plate adds to the awesomeness of the gallery. With a relatively small gallery of less than thirty images, LaMerde has quickly cultivated over 44k followers. Perhaps sincere foodies or 'grammers in on the joke, either way Chef Jacques LaMerde is onto some sub sect self-deprecating paradigm of culinary culture.


via [quartz]

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Austin Burke's picture

Recently saw something similar on reddit where someone did a similar style photo with their leftovers from a chinese buffet.

Andrew Griswold's picture

I also saw a recent post on Reddit highlighting fancy ways a restaruant makes plates with Hot Pockets. haha!

Austin Burke's picture

haha thats funny, between all these I think I might give something like it a try.

Andrew Griswold's picture

This is by far one of the greatest things I have ever seen. So good man! Great find!

Don Crossland's picture

File this one under: "wish I'd thought of that."

Aleksander T. E.'s picture

Great work. I wish someone helped him with whitebalance and/or colorchecker, because I know color is off a lot by looking at the plates. Kinda ruines the photo, but I bet it taste awesome x)