The Greatest Senior Photos of All Time Were Just Taken at a Taco Bell

Every year we see the same old senior photos again and again with each year passing a new wave of train tracks, and in my case, corn fields. Though each year finding just a sample of photos that truly stand out and push the limits of where we can take the genre becomes even more difficult. Thanks to Brendan Batchelor Photography, we have what could be the very first session taken at local Missouri Taco Bell.

I'm guilty myself when starting out scouting/shooting locations locally that ooze stereotypes in the Indiana area but in recent years I am always finding new and interesting ways to push my work in the most unusual of places. If Batchelor has taught us anything it's that there should be no locations left unseen, even if it's as obvious as a local fast food joint.

I know Brittany through a mutual friend of mine and she came to me with the idea of starting her senior photoshoot at Taco Bell and I was totally on board because it sounded fun and different. —Brendan Batchelor

Below are some of the fun shots of Brittany Creech's session with Batchelor.

This is an incredibly fun story, and to add to the viral status even Taco Bell tweeted about it! What is the craziest place you have ever shot a portrait session? Would you ever shoot a senior session in a fast food joint?

Images used with permission.

[via Brendan Batchelor Photography

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Robert Tannenbaum's picture

Sigh. Hopefully this article does not go viral and dies a quick death. Another minute of my life I'll never get back. "The Greatest Senior Photos of All Time Were Just Taken at a Taco Bell." More like "The Greatest Waste of Sunlight and Camera Battery were just explained in a clickbait article."

Brett Elliot's picture

clickbait title...
I like coming to Fstoppers for quality content, not half assed articles with misleading titles.

Patrick Hall's picture

The problem is this article is totally true. I just had wedding clients who wanted photos on their actual wedding day inside a Dairy Queen. You gotta follow the trends.

Anonymous's picture

This could have gone viral. Especially that it was done by a good professional photographer.

michael buehrle's picture

ouch. that was cold.

Noah Hayes's picture

Agreed. Difference here with Patrick's shot is good lighting used, better composition and posing! I did a shot for a wedding client recently at Shake Shack, doesn't make it the "greatest most amazing wonderful wedding photos OF ALL TIME" just makes it a more difficult location to get something visually interesting without looking like a snapshot.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Ha, to me this shoot was genius and deserved all the attention it receives. I truly believe the title was warranted and just reminds us as creatives and photgoraphers that we need to continue to push the limits and think outside the box...Taco Bell pun included...when it comes to where and how we shoot. No, a fast food joint isn't exactly what I had in mind but it grabbed my attention and pushes me to scout for even better locations. Today I went out and looked for mid century modern homes in Indianapolis for a big client shoot to find something different in a city I know has been photographed beyond belief. Thanks Patrick for that post man, that is hilarious!

Devon Budd's picture

This was a really poor article

Chelsey Rogers's picture

Is it the article that's poor, or the location of the just ok photos?

Devon Budd's picture

Well the article was written well but it didn't feel like Fstoppers material. The title is Click Baity and then the photos are just meh... Not at all the greatest of all time. Just seems a bit of a stretch overall.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Appreciate the kind words Devon. The title is exactly how I wanted it to be written to be honest. The content he created with the senior is genius and warrants the most epic of statuses. He pushed the boundaries of the shoot and location to a place that no one would expect and he is getting all the attention he ever wanted for doing so. I stand by the title and love what he has done to stand out.

Noah Hayes's picture

He didn't push boundaries. Composition, exposure, posing all were lacking. Only thing that's remotely interesting is the use of an atypical location, albeit only 1-2 shots look like anything that couldn't have been shot on a smartphone by a friend having lunch with her.

Devon Budd's picture

Fair enough. I just thought it was a bit heavy handed.

Jay Jay's picture

I agree with Noah- the senior came up with the campy idea of shooting at her favorite fast food restaurant, most likely as a joke to see if he would even do it- to which he probably said, "uh, sure?" It was neither epic (i shoot inside restaurants and coffee shops *all* the time for the scenery and background) nor genius.

Noah is also spot on with composition (lackluster), exposure (underexposed on most of these, lack of a fill) and technique/abilities (color casts on EVERY inside photo, SOOC looks, and with nearly all photos of the subject being dead center, nobody has ever told the photog about the rule of thirds), or originality (taco bell cup/cup holding in 6 of the 8 shots? None of her creatively eating the food, posing at the drive thru, posing with staff, etc... where is the originality on the part of the photographer exactly?).

The photos literally look like they were taken right off a camera phone. Great photographers get noticed and average ones aren't given a second look. Newsworthy is not what i would have ever considered for this shoot and i as a photographer, would never release photos as mediocre as these for any shoot I would do. Definitely not up to standards of F Stoppers material. :/

Lee Morris's picture

That Doritos Locos Taco is pretty awesome

Daniel Rodriguez's picture

I'm a 7 layer burrito guy myself. Don't forget the mild sauce.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

One of each is pretty good in a sitting.

Andrew Griswold's picture

I am a huge fan of the taco pizza but damn are those Doritos tacos good!

Matthew Anderson's picture

I love stuff like this. Very refreshing to see a category of photography that goes off the 'beaten path'. I'm sure these images showcase Brittany's personality much more than photos of her frolicking in a wheat field around sunset.

Chad Quintanilla's picture

I'm not convinced that this is the next trend. There are many unique locations better than a Taco Bell.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Agree, this should not become the new trend but rather push as inspriation to any shooter to scout and find new and interesting places to shoot. Something outside the norm and far from what anyone else is doing. Building a name for yourself in a saturated market is difficult and in my book this guy nailed it. He deserved the title I gave above.

Anonymous's picture

Not to be negative here, but it seems like were giving credit to the photog for coming up with this stellar idea. But the reality is that the client ASKED for said location. So he took some average shots and got lucky when it went viral. The photography is sub par, the location was the clients idea.. why are we praising him instead of the client?

Jay Jay's picture

Completely agree. The client came up with the entire idea, not the photographer- who executed the idea, albeit poorly. Taco Bell's PR dept is probably more to thank for this even hitting the news than anything else.

lee arthur's picture

I shot a portrait for someone where they worked... The local coin -op laundry mat. Worked for them and came out good.

Rex Larsen's picture


Anonymous's picture

Boring Senior Photos !!!...Why not take them inside a Cannabis dispensary in Venice Beach ???...stoned seniors, that might be really cool man !!!

Andrew Griswold's picture

Get out there and shoot it Matthias and I will gladly post the shots here! : )

Alan Cox's picture

The title was misleading. The idea of pushing people to new locations is merited, but calling these the best images ever is not right. Senior portraits are part of a business offering. We're trying to create lasting meaningful artwork for parents to remember their senior in the days after they leave the home. Seeing fast food backdrops does not make me feel like I could sell well or justify large pieces of this on a client's wall. Not commenting on the photographer's images. Just saying the best senior portraits to me are ones parents couldn't imagine not putting up HUGE on their wall.

Peter Kelvin's picture

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Ashley Johns's picture

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