Quick Tips for Professional Looking Food Shots

Whether you're shooting your favorite dish to add something casual to your Instagram or Facebook account and still want it to fit the aesthetics of the rest of your photography work, or you're trying to get started in food photography, here are a few tips from Jacs Powell, a food photographer and a "foodie at heart."

Are you like me and tend to give it a half-effort when trying to snap an amazing meal when you're out for dinner, only to realize that you have no idea how to style it and it just appears bland and definitely not representable of the rest of your photography, whether you shoot with your smartphone or camera? Alright, it may just be me. 

Powell, a self-proclaimed food lover and photographer, gives us a few tips in this short video on what to consider when starting out in your food photography journey. She goes in detail in what lenses she uses to get her shots, as well as quick and easy ways to utilize the light to its fullest, and shows a few examples of styling a simple and natural looking table arrangement which would suit images for social media and beyond.

You don't need a professional studio set-up to get started out on photographing food, instead work with what you've got to learn the basics and build on your skills from thereon by advancing your photography one step at a time. Take a look at Powell's Instagram page to see how effortlessly styled her images appear and hopefully it'll give you some inspiration to get started yourself! Have you got any tips for photographers starting out in the food industry?

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Studio 403's picture

Lovely. The simplicity and elegance of her work is inspiring

Daniel McAvoy's picture

Couldn't agree more! Going to challenge myself to shoot with natural light more in my food work. I rely on strobes far too much!

Anete Lusina's picture

Don't forget to upload some on Fstoppers too :)