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A Three-Minute Guide to Food Photography

Food photography is ever present in our society. From billboard advertising to culinary magazines and, let's not forget, Instagram. Of course, the photography found in these mediums varies in style and quality depending on its intended audienceĀ but, in general, the goal is to make food look pleasing to the viewer. In this concise clip, LensProToGoĀ gives us a long list of actionable tips to improve our food photography.

Of course, there is a lot more to food photography than can be demonstrated in a short video like this. However, the tips here are not too specific and give you a great point of reference to begin exploring on your own. Discussed are key concepts like styling to the camera, bringing out texture, and keeping a central subject while adding interest through props. The shoot itself is done with a minimal amount of equipment and should be accessible to anyone wanting to try their hand at photographing food. The video demonstrates the photography using a Fujifilm X-T2 and a 56mmĀ f/1.2 lens with natural light. However, the same concepts apply even when shooting with a much cheaper camera and lens setup.Ā 

Do you guys have any simple tips to improve your food photography quickly? Share them in the comments below.

[via LensProToGo]

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Arun Hegden's picture

Very simple and neatly explained. Love this guy's videos. :)

Nicole Branan's picture

Love the styling of the bread bowl, it looks beautiful.