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VSCO Releases Film 00, a FREE Starter Pack Today

The folks over at Visual Supply Co. have make VSCO Film Pack 00 is available for download, for FREE. Pack 00 contains two of the community favorite presets; Kodak Gold from Film pack 05 - Archetype Films Collection and Tri-X from Film pack 06 - Alternative Process Collection.

(Tri-X VSCO, Film Pack 06)

If you’ve been on the fence about picking up one of the Film Packs, this is a great opportunity to get your feet wet and see if they fit into your workflow. VSCO is betting once you get that first taste you go running back to pick up a few full packs. They probably aren’t far off; the VSCO community is vast and growing quickly. Personally, the Gold is one of my favorites from any pack. Yes I own all of them. Visual Supply Co. released their first product in 2012 and it was an instant hit. They have six packs available currently in addition to the hugely popular VSCO cam and Adobe Lightroom shortcut tool, VSCO keys.

You can head on over to VSCO’s store to pick up the free pack or any of their other products. If you’re still not sold, you can check out one of the VSCO communities' user showcase websites, Looks Like Film. The website is fed content by the best work shared in the VSCO Film users group on Facebook.

(Kodak Gold, VSCO Film Pack 05)

(Kodak Gold, VSCO Film Pack 05)

(Kodak Gold, VSCO Film Pack 05)


[Via Visual Supply Co.]

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Eric Hodges's picture

I wonder why there's no Kodachrome emulation....unless I missed it.

Kyle Ford's picture

It's not, and you didn't... unfortunately. I have 15 or so rolls of it at home too.

Robert Raymer's picture

Im pretty sure there is. Forget which pack. Also, if you use capture one there are 2 sets of film emulation presets, one of which includes 2 or 3 kodachrome emulations. Unfortunately, I have found from my own personal experience that no emulation truly nails the look of kodachrome, and the best ones only come close.

As for this release, while I am happy to see them release a (limited) free version, I wish that they were two emulations that I am was more excited about (portra, AGFA rsx50, a few fuji films for example), but none the less I already downloaded it and am curious to see how well it works.

Kyle Ford's picture

It's on VSCOcam, I don't think it's on VSCO film

Robert Raymer's picture

You are correct. I must have just been thinking of capture one styles that has Kodachrome 25, 64, and 200. If you are specifically looking for Kodachrome you can also find emulations from Alien Skin, Really Nice Images, DxO, X-equals, Nik and a few others.

Louis Leblanc's picture

I think VSCO makes their presets by exposing film to a known test pattern and comparing the results of the processed film to their test pattern. Unfortunately, you can't get Kodachrome processed any more...

lenin glass's picture

Great article.
Kyle Ford is Bae. Best Content ever.

Kyle Ford's picture

Lol, thanks Lenin.

Sean Hamilton's picture

I agree... Baewatch for sure.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Here's a peek at Sunday's shoot employing various VSCO presets. Used judiciously, they continue to inspire me. Nikon D800, 85 1.4 and natural light

Nathan Hamler's picture

Amazingly i kinda like these.....they work well on my Fuji X-e1 files, but they look like garbage on my Nikon D3 greens look like Jose Villa now lol

Anonymous's picture

I've been waiting for Tri-X for awhile - but offering it up for free, what's not to like?

Kyle Ford's picture

The thoughts exactly.