Apple Announces New iMac Pro and Updated MacBook Pros at WWDC

Apple announced a new iMac Pro and updated MacBooks today at their World Wide Developer Conference 2017 in San Jose, Calif. According to MacRumors Buyer's Guide, it had been 221 days since updating the MacBook Pro, 412 days since updating the MacBook, and a staggering 601 days since updating the iMac. Check out the stats on the latest hardware with some super high-end performance options that could be great for photographers and video editors alike.

New iMac Pro

While the entire iMac line of 21.5-inch and 27-inch models got a refresh, the biggest announcement was the new iMac Pro. Starting at $4,999 with a target availability of December 2017, the new iMac Pro includes four Thunderbolt 3 Ports, a built-in 10 GB Ethernet port, 1080p FaceTime Camera, improved cooling, and up to 18-core Xeon processors. The new display is touted as being 43 percent brighter with one billion colors. The iMac Pro is configurable with up to: 

  • 16 GB of VRAM
  • 128 GB of ECC RAM
  • 18-Core Xeon Processors

MacBook and MacBook Pro Updates

Shipping as early as today, Apple's MacBook line got a refresh with Intel's Kaby Lake processors.

  • 12-inch MacBook starting at $1,299.
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro starting at $1,299 and $1,799 with a Touch Bar respectively.
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar starting at $2,399.
  • The MacBook Air will get a speed bump and otherwise remain unchanged.

You can watch the 2017 WWDC below via Time.

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Graham Marley's picture

The iMac Pro is going to have a Xeon cpu, not Core.

michael andrew's picture

Starting at 4,999...

Graham Marley's picture

It's a lot of money but once you get into the kind of components in that thing, you're just going to spend a lot of money.

dale clark's picture

Key word is "starting"

Scott Harris's picture

For $5k I could build a PC that would *destroy* this overpriced crap.

And play games on it later. ;)

Seorim Paek's picture

well the add 2000 bucks for the monitor and see if you can build such a computer

michael andrew's picture

Yeah thats the trick, its actually a really nice display, and for what its worth it is a $2000 system along with it.

craig john's picture

A Dell 5K display is $1,500. If I added that display to my 7820x PC with 32GB Ram and an SSD, it would still cost a whopping $3,600 --- or basically, $200 more than a 4-core iMac with the BTO options with 32GB of RAM and a 512GB flash drive.


Ah, finally... $5K+ will be a lot to swallow but I've been waiting to upgrade for a couple of years now, ordering as soon as it hits the shelves! 4K baby, 4K!

Leigh Smith's picture

Technically its a 5K screen.


Yep 5K screen... though I meant processing 4K footage without relying on proxies. Or so I hope ;)

Jon Wolding's picture

Why touting a brighter screen?
I currently have to keep my screen at ~50% brightness for color-critical work... and rarely go above 90% brightness. An anti-glare screen would be a better feature - still annoyed Apple stopped offering that years ago.

filmkennedy's picture

We're going to see more and more brighter screens as HDR becomes the norm-sure the 500 nits of this iMac isn't quite HDR like the 1,000 nits+ of current HDR displays but it'll get there

Regardless, I'm quite happy with the specs of this iMac, mine handles 6k r3ds decently but starts to struggle with 8k, sure this will be a lot better to edit with

Lee Morris's picture

Bout time and I'm also happy it has 10gb ethernet. That should be a standard at this point.

Spy Black's picture

I guess they want to trash the garbage can...

Carsten Schlipf's picture

Actually no:

"In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a completely redesigned, next-generation Mac Pro architected for pro customers who need the highest-end, high-throughput system in a modular design, as well as a new high-end pro display."

Spy Black's picture

You should get out more....

Indy Thomas's picture

I am currently very happy with my iMac but am starting to see it slow down since I got a 5DSr . If it gets annoying I suppose I might consider this machine but I doubt any increase in speed will get me home to dinner any faster.

dale clark's picture

The updated , regular imacs look good as well. I'm not certain I'll wait for the PRO. I am using a 2012 and it's just now starting to show its age with uncompressed A7rii files.

LA M's picture

Saying it again....the hardware isn't the issue (MAC or PC) it's the crappy software that runs on it...I.E. Adobe Lightroom CC..which crashes every second time I use the latest version, unless all the acceleration features are turned off.

Capture One Pro by comparison runs fine...FCPx runs fine...

But waste your money on new hardware all the time...cram horsepower into boxes just to overcome the crappy SOFTWARE.

Tor Ivan Boine's picture

no worries. LR doesn't scale well with hardware. So they won't notice any speed increase.

Brian Curtin's picture

With 128gb of ram I'll be able to run Lightroom *and* Slack!

Travis Johansen's picture

The real innovation is the Apple HomePod. Now you'll edit 22% faster due to better audio while editing in lightroom

Robert Nurse's picture

I'm a Windows user who used to think poorly of Apple too until I actually used one.