Buy The DJI Mavic For $699 Today Only

Cyber Monday is upon us and we will be sharing some of the best deals on photo/video equipment as we run across them. Today only, you can buy a refurbished DJI Mavic for $699

The deal is on eBay but the seller is very reputable at a 99% positive feedback rating. If you're worried about it being refurbished, think of it this way, you're going to wreck it anyway. Buy one before they go back up to $999. 

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Peter Hernandez's picture

"You're going to wreck it anyway".... Really? Who's paying you guys off for you to say this stuff? You're certainly not looking out for us. How often do you buy refurbished?

Lee Morris's picture

Are you mad I suggested that you would crash it or that I would suggest a refurbished drone? I both crash my drones and buy refurbished gear.

Peter Hernandez's picture

Both are annoying, really. That you would make the assumption that your reader will crash it in order to get them to buy a refurbished unit... so ya, both. BTW, you never did answer my question. How often do you by refurbished?

Peter Hernandez's picture

BTW, you never did answer my question. How often do you by refurbished?

Lee Morris's picture

Fairly often. Every computer we own except the one we recently built is a refurb.

Philip Lor's picture

Just wanted to make you aware in case you missed it - this link is a refurbished unit, not a new model. At $699, your link is still $100 cheaper than what DJI sells it for here: