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Camera Predictions for 2018

2018 is coming up fast and Tony Northrup has uploaded his latest video with his camera predictions. Although predictions can very often be wrong, it doesn't stop us from trying. On occasions, many of us, including myself, tend to make predictions based on what we hope to see in the future.

In Northrup's latest video, he describes his latest predictions for what he thinks is due for 2018. Most of the predictions seem very safe and reasonable, but interesting nonetheless. The camera that I'm sure many of us are waiting for is the Sony a7S III. If this camera has a significant improvement in autofocus and can shoot 4K at 60p, I think it may become the go-to camera for many videographers. Other potential cameras such as the Canon 90D and the 7D Mark III could be very interesting based on Northrup's predictions. Lastly, the idea of a full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon and Nikon is definitely interesting but their lack of lenses may prevent people from migrating across in droves.

For me personally, I would like Canon to release a high-resolution DSLR with 16-bit raw files. I'm less interested in dynamic range and the extra colors would be a first for full frame. ISO 50 would be great too but Canon seems to prefer baby steps.

What are your predictions for next year, is there anything specific you would personally like to see?

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Lee Morris's picture

All I want is a camera with a global shutter meaning that there would be zero jello with panning or fast movement plus unlimited sync speed with flash. We have to be close this and it would revolutionize video and still photography.

Ryan Ketterman's picture

I miss the old Hasselblad film camera leaf shutters.... Just threw down on the Profoto B1X lights and I'm enjoying that nice high sync speed again.

Jonathan Brady's picture

I want to see an A9R. Just give me an A9 but with far fewer FPS (5 is more than enough for me) and many more Megapixels (60+). Those 2 differences aside, it should have everything else the A9 has.

Anonymous's picture

60+mp? You don't hate your computer enough, huh? :P

Kim Ginnerup's picture

I actually hope that Canon and Nikon will go all in on mirrorless. They kinda a have to or Sony will run them over. The only thing I would like to be able to buy is a m.zuiko 100-400 f4-f5.6 maybe f4 all the way. But I am afraid that if Olympus do this it will be at a hogh high price point.

Usman Dawood's picture

What do you think of a hybrid for Canon and Nikon that can use their existing lenses as normal but have all the benefits of a mirrorless?

Unlikely but I think that would be a great option.

With 16 bit raw files :-p.

Joel Cleare's picture

Improved camera tech and decreased value in paid photography.

Hugh Dom's picture

I know it wouldn't happen but really hoping for like a Sony a6100, closer to a6300 in spec (better buffer, EyeAF, 4K) but closer to a6000 in price...

Usman Dawood's picture


What about if Sony releases a new A6700 which then drives the price of the A6300 down?

Hugh Dom's picture

No doubt that would be great but haven't seen Sony driving the prices much on their previous models, they usually just make the newer one more expensive. Lol.