Canon May Be Cancelling Products Due to Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues have been plaguing electronics manufacturers for several months now, and camera companies are not immune to the problems caused by an inability to obtain adequate quantities of needed components. It seems as if Canon is the latest to be affected by the shortages, with several product canceled and slated to be "refreshed" at a later date.

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon has canceled several products that were shown in 2020 due to supply chain shortages. There has been no word yet of what products have been canceled, but the prevailing theory at the moment is that Canon will "refresh" the products. This means that instead of completely canceling them, Canon will likely keep a close eye on the availability of needed components, then update the relevant designs with the latest technology when it looks like they can produce a meaningful number of units. This will help the company avoid bringing an outdated product to market. Given that lens designs take a long time to become outdated, it is likely that the shortage likely applies to camera bodies, which could constitute several models — the Cinema EOS line or mirrorless RF mount cameras, such as the update to the EOS R and RP or an APS-C mirrorless camera. No word yet on when we can expect the "refreshed" products, but it will likely coincide with the alleviation of the ongoing supply chain issues. 

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Roger Jones's picture

OK, I own enough already. I own enough gear to do any assignment that comes my way.
Be Smart and Safe but Enjoy

Tom Reichner's picture

This isn't good for someone like me. When it comes to camera gear, I am a bottom feeder, buying old discontinued models on the used market for the lowest prices I can possibly find.

Old used gear becomes available because people upgrade. If they're not able to upgrade because the newest products aren't available, then they will hang on to their old gear longer, meaning that the supply of the older models will be shorter, which means that prices for the old gear won't fall as quickly as they normally do.

I keep waiting for the day when I'll be able to get a well used R5 for $1,600 ..... but news like this means that day will get pushed back an extra year or so. And that sucks 🙁