Every RF Zoom Lens Compared: Which Canon RF Lens Is Best for You?

The Canon EOS R is a camera that may have split the crowd a little. In my view, it's not the best release from Canon for a number of reasons. The lenses for this system, however, are a very different case. In typical Canon form, the latest RF lenses are fantastic, and if you're having difficulty picking between them all, then this video might be of help. 

One of my favorite YouTubers and photographers, Matt Granger, recently produced a detailed and interesting lens comparison video. One of the things I love about comparisons is that they show the relative performance of any piece of gear. It's one thing to see an individual review of something, but if it's reviewed in complete isolation, then it can be difficult to appreciate exactly how good or bad something is. This is why I think Granger's latest video could be extremely helpful for a lot people that are potentially looking to buy a Canon RF zoom lens. 

The current "flagship" zoom lens from Canon is the incredible RF 28-70mm f/2L. This is the widest aperture lens you can buy with this kind of zoom range. It's simply incredible, and in my experience, the image quality is stunning. Question is, at almost $3,000, is it even worth buying? Lenses like the 24-70mm f/2.8L have been great allies to photographers all over the world. Is the extra stop of light worth the money, or should you pick the even more reasonably priced, 24-105mm f/4L

The great thing is that as photographers, we have wonderful options to fit almost any budget. Check out the full video linked above to see which is the best fit for you. 

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Colin Robertson's picture

Pretty worthless "comparison", IMHO. The only thing I got out of this video was how bad the 24-240 vignettes and distorts at 24mm (presumably, uncorrected). I even downloaded the sample files to try and gleam what the differences might be between them and there were just far too few examples to come to any sort of meaningful conclusion.

Dylan Bishop's picture

I think anyone who could afford an RF lens will know which lens to get.

Mike Ledford's picture

I didn't know Christian Slater was a photo gear head. Neat.