GoPro Introduces a New Way to Shoot Videos With Its Mobile OverCapture App

A few months ago, GoPro announced a new camera named the Fusion that would allow users to capture 360-degree videos. now, the company introduce Mobile OverCapture for the Fusion bringing a new way to shoot video to the world. Combined the two products will let you live the moment, capture the whole scene in 360 degrees, and then compose your video in postproduction.

While relying heavily on post to get a better framing when alone to shoot is nothing new, being able to compose a regular video from a 360-degree sequence is mind-blowing. Looking at the above video, the workflow seems to be simple enough, requiring only minimal knowledge. Start by placing your camera anywhere, start the recording, and then once you are done, take out your phone, and follow the instructions of the Mobile OverCapture app.

The Fusion is capable of shooting 360-spherical content in 5.2K. So even after you are done editing your sequence, you’ll retain a high enough quality that you can use your clip in a longer movie. The camera costs $699.99 and is already available in the United States, UK, and Europe on

What do you think of this system? Is being able to shoot the moment and worry later a good thing or just a new gimmicky toy for GoPro to make money? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

[via GoPro]

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Adam Ottke's picture

This is actually pretty neat. It doesn't quite look like it took a "team of professionals" to shoot footage that would look like this, as suggested at the end of the video (it looks like one guy is panning a camera to follow the subject), but it's a neat feature to be able to have...I'll give them that ;-)

Simon Patterson's picture

Looks like it is good tech, let down by poor software, according to this review.

Frank Neulichedl's picture

Maybe worth noting that Insta360 has the same and better functionality since mid 2017 with their One and mobile app.

Quentin Decaillet's picture

Thanks for the info, I didn't know that. I thought GoPro was the first to come up with this concept! :) It'd be interesting to have both cameras to compare them.

John Bookas's picture

Check out the Rylo. It also does the same thing.