Hands-On Preview of the New PolarPro Apex Tripod and QuickDraw System

The California-based filter manufacturer just announced several products aimed at outdoor photographers. Here is quick hands-on preview of these items.

PolarPro, known for their premium and comprehensive range of ND and polarizing filters for drones and cameras, announced the launch of their QuickDraw Collection, described as ”an ultra-versatile system designed for outdoor adventure photographers and storytellers looking for a compact, yet robust camera mounting ecosystem.” This system is composed of three elements:

  1. The APEX minimalist sturdy tripod. Able to carry up to 25 lbs, this stainless steel mini tripod can support a wide range of cameras and accessories, such as lights and sliders. The laser-etched markings provide 144 leg configurations and permit very low angle photography. The ball head is optional.
  2. The TRAVERSE strap mount is a QuickDraw harness crafted for swift single-handed operation, so you can move from securely stored to creating with your camera in one quick rotational release. It can support up to 100 lbs.
  3. The BELAY camera strap. “The engineered attachment point on the bottom of the camera offers a lower carrying profile than conventional straps as you adventure through rough terrain” explains PolarPro.

As a brand ambassador, I was able to get my hands of the system and I was particularly pleased by the APEX tripod, which is very robust. It was able to carry my Canon C200 camera without any wobble. Thanks to the precise marking on the legs, it can be positioned and balanced accurately. I used it successfully for close-to-the-ground shots. It is important to note that the QuickDraw plates are proprietary and incompatible with ARCA style plates.

The APEX mini tripod is robust and has no issue to support my heavy video camera. I installed my own ball head here but PolarPro proposes a bundle with a smaller head.

PolarPro is offering special launch pricing for early adopters. Visit the PolarPro website for more information about this system.

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Johnny Nit's picture

Arca-swiss incompatiblity makes this product a fail from the start.

J Morrison's picture

Looks like it's compatible.


Kind of looks like they tweaked the Capture Clip System from PD.

Johnny Nit's picture

Indeed! Thanks for the link. :)

Oliver Kmia's picture

What I found in the FAQ:

Will my current Arca-Swiss plates work in the QuickDraw Collection mounts? (For example, can I use my Arca-Swiss plate to mount onto the Apex or into the Traverse?)
The QuickDraw Collection mounts are proprietary and will not work with any other Arca-Swiss style plates.

Does the Quick-Release Plate work on all my other Arca-Swiss style ball heads?
Yes, our Quick-Release Plates will work on all other Arca-Swiss style ball heads.


Oliver Kmia's picture

Indeed, there is contradictory info about that and I haven't tried to mount other plates. I need to double check this point.