Here Comes the Nikon Z 9: More Specifications and Announcement Date Emerge

Now that all the major camera companies are heavily invested in mirrorless, a lot of attention has turned to the arms race of sorts between Sony, Nikon, and Canon at the upper tier of camera bodies. We have seen the Sony a1, we know the EOS R3 and R1 are coming, and now, it seems we know quite a bit more about the Nikon's upcoming flagship, the Z 9.

Nikon Rumors is reporting that Nikon's upcoming Z 9 flagship mirrorless camera is likely to be announced late this year, in November or December. So far, we don't know much about the Z 9, beyond things like it having a new FX sensor and 8K video, but with Sony and Canon blazing ahead at a breakneck pace, there is no doubt that Nikon has a steep hill to climb to keep even. So far, the rumored specs included things like a sensor between 45 and 60 megapixels, autofocus capabilities beyond those of the current flagship (the D6), 20 fps bursts, 16-bit raw, two XQD card slots, native ISO range of 64-25,600, a high-resolution, blackout-free viewfinder with fast refresh rates, and more, with a target price of $6,000-7,000, typical of a flagship full frame camera. It looks like the second half of 2021 will be quite interesting! 

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JEREMY MOORE's picture

These are the least important specs to know🙃 None of this wouldn't be safely assumed.

Matt Rennells's picture

Ok, so what do you want to know about it?

marcus brown's picture

Well they just dubbed this the D5/6 killer. We will see if it comes back to haunt them like the Z7 did, when to claimed it to be better then the D850 lol.