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How To Create the Ultimate Vlogging Setup for Your iPhone

With the level of stabilization now featured in most smartphones, you might already have a powerful vlogging tool in your pocket. However, a few add-ons can take your device to the next level, and this rig might be the ultimate iPhone vlogging setup.

Gene Nagata (a.k.a Potato Jet) has kitted himself out with what he reckons might be the best vlogging add-ons for his iPhone, taking advantage of the front- and rear-facing cameras by adding front- and rear-facing audio and lighting, along with the software necessary to bring it all together. By his own admission, some of it is a little excessive, but clearly, Nagata has had some fun playing with the possibilities.

For me, vlogging needs to be convenient, especially for systems that set you up for filming while on the move. If I can’t pull a camera from the bottom of a bag and switch it on within 20 seconds, I’m far less inclined to start shooting. Something like a GoPro HERO 8 or 9, or, even cheaper, a DJI Osmo Action, is a far more rugged option, and you can rig up a small mic to improve significantly the quality of audio.

Would you vlog with this setup? Let us know in the comments below.

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