How Does the Canon EOS R5 Perform on an Actual Photoshoot?

The EOS R5 has been making waves for months with a specs list that pushes the boundaries of modern camera design, but it is only now beginning to make its way into the hands of more customers. If you have been wondering how it holds up in real-world usage, this great video discusses one photographer's experience with the camera while shooting with an NBA client. 

Coming to you from James Quantz Jr, this excellent video review discusses his experience with the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera on a real shoot. The R5 contains some remarkable features, including:

  • 45-megapixel stills photo resolution
  • 8K raw video at 30 fps and 4K 10-bit video at up to 120 fps
  • 12 fps burst rate with mechanical shutter (20 fps withelectronic shutter)
  • Deep Learning autofocus technology with improved tracking performance
  • 1,053 AF points with coverage across the entire frame
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization with up to eight stops of compensation
  • 5.76-million-dot electronic viewfinder with 120 fps refresh rate
  • Vari-angle rear LCD touchscreen
  • ISO range of 100-51,200 (expandable to 50-102,400)
  • 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and GPS

Certainly, the EOS R5 is awfully impressive on paper, and as it begins to be put to use, it seems like it offers quite impressive performance in the real world as well. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Tommy Lyles's picture

Still waiting on mine - over 2 months on back order.

Lee Christiansen's picture

He mentions shooting tethered with Capture One and also shooting Raw.

But as far as I can tell, C-1 hasn't quite caught up yet. So is he tethering with JPEGs ?

James Quantz Jr's picture

Hey Lee, the R5 is fully supported by C1(and Adobe!) now. Happened a couple weeks ago.

Bert McLendon's picture

I know the CR3's are now supported but I still can't get my R5 to tether with Lightroom. EOS R's tether fine, but it still doesn't recognize the R5. =(

James Quantz Jr's picture

I gave up on LR tethering a long time ago.

James Quantz Jr's picture

Love your warped portraits, btw! Funny as hell and look amazing!

Bert McLendon's picture

haha thanks I appreciate it! LR fixed tethering a while ago and I've used it ever since. I forget what update it was, but it's reliable and almost instantaneous for me for the past year or two. It was garbage before that particular update but they FINALLY fixed it. =P

Eric Mazzone's picture

Based on my numbers, in 800 shots, it's missed focus 17 times. So far. I'm culling from this past weekend now where I put another 5600 through it, both portraits and a show at NYFW.

Rex Larsen's picture

I've been on photo shoots, what is an actual photo shoot ?