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How To Shoot Better Videos With Your DSLR 3 of 3

To read the full post about the multibridge software and how to get it working with CS4 go here

Adobe Premiere CS4 - The Basics; in a really creepy whisper voice

How to add effects to your video

Learn how to add text and titles

Learn how to add pictures to your video and make them move (Ken Burns Effect) by going to this link.

If you would like to get a little more advanced watch the video below to learn how to shoot with multiple cameras, sync them, and edited them easily.

Fstoppers reader Michael Carney created a video for those of you who shoot video with Nikon cameras but who want to edit with Final Cut Pro.

Well guys, these are the only videos that we watched to learn premiere. I would suggest working along with these videos as you watch them. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

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Sandro's picture


Here´s the direct link to Multibridge:

Cheers Sandro from Austria

Virginia Morris's picture

You and Patrick are doing such a great job. I look forward to each new video you guys put up.

mike's picture

Great series guys, really informative for those who want to get into video recording with their D300s. I put together a little video about D300s Workflow with Mac/Final Cut Pro.

Hope that helps the Mac users out there.

Juan's picture

Is black magic needed for the d90?

Max Rebel's picture

For those of you not running CS4 and still having issues importing D90 - D5000 - D300s Footage just download and install FFDSHOW,

It will also accelerate your processing time.

Lee Morris's picture

Thanks Mike, I just added it to the list

Lee Morris's picture

Thanks Max... are you saying that this will work with CS3?

Max Rebel's picture

Yes that's exactly right Lee... This will allow you to import Raw Mjpeg Into Premiere CS3 and it will do this automatically!

There is nothing to setup in Premiere for it to function. You may need to alter FFDShow settings but generally their Default Installed Setup works for 99.9% of people.

FFDShow will also end up helping you with other codex's you didn't even know you had issues with... its a great "Behind the Scenes" Freeware.



David Keller's picture

Mpegstreamclip is the software I always use for converting my Canon footage. It converts just about any codec to any other codec. Quick, easy, free and useful for Mac or PC. I'm sure it'd work just fine with the D300s footage to use with CS3, CS4, Sony Vegas, Avid, or Final Cut.

Patrick Hall's picture

Thanks David, good to have your advice on this website.

dracula's picture

How can i rid of the rolling shutter there some plugin for premiere or....something...tnx..

Lee Morris's picture

Sadly you can't fix it in post easily at all. My suugestion is to buy a lens with vibration reduction. My favorite lens for video is the 17-50 tamron 2.8 vc

Evan Butson's picture

Hi guys,

I am pretty sure the BlackMagic drivers will also work for CS3 as well, but only on the PC not the Mac. Out of interest, if you want to actually monitor you video as you edit out in HD, the BlackMagic Intensity card is only about $200 and allows you to see your Nikon footage out via HDMI or Component to a TV or LCD in full 720p. I have the MultiBridge Pro and to be honest for the extra $2000 it doesn't do anything that the Intensity doesn't when it comes to DSLR video from the Nikon.

As for rolling shutter, there is a plugin from The Foundry but it is kinda pricey, most rolling shutter issues are due to micro tremors caused by trying to shoot handheld without some sort of support rig, get your camera on a set of rails and you will notice the vast majority of rolling shutter problems goes away.


Lee Morris's picture

Thanks evan!

Rich's picture

On their site, the BlackMagic Intensity card doesn't show support for 24p. How do you use it with the Nikon?

Geoff Captain's picture

First of all, thanks so much for this set of videos.

I just purchased a D300s to do video, to compliment my D700 & full set of Nikon glass.
AND, I'm a windows/adobe user. Seems like everything out there for HDSLR is only Canon & Mac.

Question: Has anyone tried motion jpeg with Premiere CS5 yet? Just wondering if they've worked the kinks out with the latest release.

Iris's picture

Sony Vegas will read native file coming from D90 without problems with rendering.

Andrew Benes's picture

This is a great collection of tutorials to get started. I have a D90 and my question is, do you have any advice or links to help me with colour correction and brightness/contrast adjustments in Premiere?

I want to get a cinematic look.. or maybe a gritty look for example. I've played with a lot of the adjustment options but I'm not really satisfied. I'd love to hear from someone has experience with this.. Right now my videos have a "straight-out-of-camera" look and lack a professional feel.

Andrew Benes's picture

Alright so to update on my previous comment/request I found another great tutorial centered around colour correction. I think it might be worth adding to this list...

In 20 minutes of viewing this two part video and 10 minutes of experimentation, I am comfortable using the three-way colour corrector and levels adjustments (which I used to find intimidating). Very happy with the results.

Atlis's picture

Well, I have had the same problem with video from D3s + Premiere Pro. Since at that time, no feasible solution was available, the simpliest way I have found was to open every video in Quicktime Player Pro, save file as MOV and then reopen it in Premiere Pro CS4. It works like charm on Windows.

gino sta maria's picture

thanks for this tutorial, I just have one problem,im a skype user and since I installed the blackmagic multibridge my skype is not opening,I uninstall the multibridge and the skype works.anyone can help me with this.. thank you..

Morgan Moller's picture

Just an update : With Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 there is no need anymore for the Blackmagic and other codecs, the software can read the native files straight out of the D300S, D7000, D3S and so on! Hurray! No more converting!

Robert Days's picture

I really like your fstoppers logo in videos, is there any  tutorial for that effect?

Thank you.