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Oppo Unveils an 85-200mm Optical Zoom Smartphone Camera and a New Digital Sensor Array

Oppo has unveiled several exciting new things for its camera phones, one of which is a continuous 85-200mm zoom lens. Unlike current conventional optical zoom options in smartphones, this continuous zoom lens will offer smooth transitions between all focal lengths similar to how professional zoom lenses work.

At the Oppo future imaging event, Oppo unveiled a brand new kind of zoom lens that offers smooth transitions between a wide range of focal lengths. The lens has a full-frame equivalent focal length of 85mm-200mm. Although this may not seem as impressive as some of the superzoom lenses currently available in camera phones, this new zoom lens is actually quite remarkable. 

Instead of using a combination of different cameras and digital zoom, the new Oppo camera lens is entirely optical and operates on a single sensor. This prevents the need for switching between camera modules and ensures a smooth transition; without any abrupt changes to the white balance or field of view. The optical zoom aspect means that even at the longest end of the focal length there is no loss in resolution and details will appear sharper than if you used a digital zoom. 

Another major announcement is the new sensor array that Oppo has developed. This new sensor array features white pixels alongside the conventions red, blue, and green pixels. This has been coined an RGBW sensor. 

The addition of white pixels means that it can capture light more effectively, thus reducing overall noise in an image. This is when compared to the conventional RGB pixels that are used by the majority of camera manufacturers. 

Check out all the new announcements from Oppo in the video linked above.

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