Pentax Continues to March to Their Own Beat

Two years ago, Ricoh executives claimed that most users would return to DSLRs in one or two years. Two years later, that has not happened, but it has not stopped the company from continuing to march to their own unique beat, as this interview reveals. 

In a recent interview with Digicame, Ricoh discussed some of their future plans. The company mentioned that they are working on several new lenses, some of which have not been publicly documented on their roadmap. While that certainly is good news for Pentax fans, perhaps more interesting were some of the potential plans for K-3 Mark III offshoots. The company is considering a model specifically tailored toward astrophotography, and given their awesome AstroTracer feature, such a version would surely be welcome.

They are also considering a monochrome-only version without a Bayer filter. As far as I know, Leica and Phase One are the only companies to produce modern monochrome digital cameras, which would make a Pentax option the first more affordable one. Of course, none of this means that these models will actually make it to market, but even if they do not, it is always nice to see camera companies exploring what makes their brands unique. We will see what Ricoh brings us in the coming months.

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00rob00 Rob00Rob's picture

How's about a monochrome Ricoh GR. Think that would be truly great

M M's picture

Their idea that people will return to DSLR seems pretty crazy. Was this a joke maybe?

Alex S's picture

Good question. The actual statement is: "I imagine, in two or three years, some users who bought mirrorless cameras will return to DSLRs". Some users. That's much less than a majority, and even less than all users ;)
But just change the statement a little, and those Pentax guys appears crazy, right? Even if they never said that.

M M's picture

It doesn't seem like a productive thought if you want your company to survive and prosper though.

Alex S's picture

On the contrary, going mirrorless looks like certain death for them. But owning a niche - the DSLR market - might work.
Yes, there are people who prefer high quality SLR viewfinders to EVFs.