Profoto Shows Off New Medium and Small Sized Deep Umbrellas

Profoto extends their existing 12 model12-model umbrella lineup with six new 6 variations. The new models are available as a deep parabolic in translucent, white, and silver. The S model is 33” while the M model is a bit bulkier at 44”, which is still significantly smaller than the 51” L model. The umbrellas will also be available with a variety of diffusion socks as accessories, which effectively turning them into something like an octabox.

I, like many other photographers, I would love a parabolic deep umbrella but lack the space to effectively use a 65” umbrella. However, the small would fit nicely in my apartment, while still allowing for room to walk. As far as the price point goes, it is only a guess at this point unforutnately. However, you can probably safely assume it will be fairly close to the existing lineup price points.

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Alex None's picture

Hopefully they come up with a more reasonable price range than Bron's $13k umbrellas.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Exactly. My last car didn't even cost that much.

Henry Louey's picture

As Alex None has said. The main issue for the prosumer such me is the cost of the modifiers are just crazy compared to those from companies such as Paul Buff

I have been looking at the Broncolors and the Profotos as my next setup from PB Einsteins but can't justify them with an enthusiasts budget.

Kyle Ford's picture

I don't think a lot of full timers can afford them either.

james johnson's picture

From a professional standpoint, you have two considerations: will it get me enough work to justify the cost, or will it do something to speed up my workflow enough to justify the cost.

Yeah, most professionals can't afford them either. They simply don't pay for themselves in 90% of the professional situations. Some rent paras to add a subtle variation to their lighting, but I can't see most clients even noticing the difference between this and a close approximation done for much cheaper.

Michael Kormos's picture

I have a question (which I intend to ask Profoto) @ PDN PhotoPlus this year, after spending 10k+ on their stuff in 2014. Can your fancy umbrellas auto-open and auto-close like my $30-dollar tote? Don't say it! They can't!!! Hey, if you guys wanna feature me using your B1s in Death Valley on some awesome conceptual maternity portraits in your ads, let's talk.