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The Rundown on Choosing a Tripod That Fits You

If you’ve been photographing a short time, you may just now be looking into a tripod to add to your kit. You may have purchased a tripod early on and are now realizing that the plastic tripod from the big box store wasn't the most positive choice for taking images and now you’re looking at tripods that don’t break the bank. Usually we are looking at tripods out of absolute necessity and are thinking that they are mostly all the same, which like most things, is simply not true. Tripods have a multitude of features depending on what your needs are, and for those looking at investing into a new tripod should watch this breakdown video from Joe Edelman on choosing a tripod that fits your needs.

I look at tripods as part of an entire system for capturing images. If you don’t have a solid foundation your images, your patience will likely suffer. There are also so many kinds of photography that really do require a tripod to do at all, much less really well. For those people that love their 70-200mm f/2.8 and rocking their portrait sessions with that lens, but are realizing that it can get pretty heavy after some time, a tripod fixes all that. You can have genuine interactions with your clients by getting out from behind the camera and interacting with them and making eye contact. Simply having a rock solid foundation with a tripod that fits you is a great investment in your photography.

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