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Samsung Announces Crazy Line of Smartphones Offering Over 100 Megapixels and 8K Video

Samsung recently announced a bevy of new smartphones, three of which should be highly interesting to photographers, with features like a 108-megapixel sensor, 8K video, water resistance, and more.

The Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra were recently revealed, and they sound like the stuff of dreams for photographers looking to carry a capable phone in their pocket. While 108 megapixels on a phone certainly isn't equivalent to the 102 megapixels in the GFX 100, it's still quite impressive and could open up some fun creative possibilities for a lot of photographers.

Check out the specs:

  • 1/1.33" main camera sensor on S20 Ultra
  • Up to 108-megapixel images on S20 Ultra (64 mp on S20 and S20+)
  • Additional ultra-wide and telephoto cameras on all three models
  • AI-based Super Resolution Zoom
  • 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom (S20 Ultra)
  • 8K video with still image extraction
  • Ability to take simultaneous photos with all lenses
  • 120 HZ AMOLED displays with 3,200 by 1,440 resolution and sizes ranging from 6.2 to 6.9 inches
  • 40-megapixel front-facing camera on S20 Ultra (10 megapixels on S20 and S20+)
  • 5G wireless
  • In-screen fingerprint reader

Altogether, the phones look like remarkably capable machines that should be great pocket cameras for a lot of photographers and videographers. You can preorder the new phones here.

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Mark Wyatt's picture

Real 100 Megs or is it scanned multiple times to create 100 Megs? Either way, it is interesting.

Studio 403's picture

I saw the commercial for the zoom feature, that shows a super clean close up on a beach. Hum...come on Samsung..that clean of a photo?. Give me a digital break. I am willing to bet no where close to the clarity in real time. Unless mounted on $1,000.00 Tripod. Would be so refreshing to have credible advertising. From your brilliant skeptic.

Przemek Lodej's picture

Marketing gimmick. It's not about megapixels. But hey, the uneducated customer will buy into it. :)


And I will get with any of you that most 1080p video from real cameras will still be cleaner and sharper than that 8k.

And any 20mpx picture from a FF camera will likewise be better than the 108mpx.

anonymous anonymous's picture

If you actually watch the keynote AKA un-box event from the other day you will see that when they zoom in all the way even half way even a quarter of the way the image turns to MUD! just gross. It's like an iphone 2g original image but worse.

The second thing is the 8K is not even real because they drop you in every aspect, no IS, No adjustments, no full resolution, 720p 1080p.

The general public hears numbers and talks about things they don't know anything about, this is marketing at its best for the company.

Everyone here seeing this comment is not part of the general public. We are nerds!

Tomas Don Tomazo's picture

With s10 they left us disappointed (at least me, after lg v30). There are 3 cameras and only one has manual mode, only one can shoot RAW, there is no manual video mode nor commonly used framerates. Will not talk about sound quality because we supposed to talk about photography stuff, right ? So, all those flaws also comes with the new FLAGSHIP ? Can someone confirm ? Almost nobody talks about those aspects on any of reviews.
Sorry for my English

Ted Mercede's picture

Regardless how well it performs with those specs, I'm impressed that Samsung can actually build something to perform there. We all know that the phone camera can't compare to a real pro, or even semi-pro camera, but it definitely is showing that these cameras are still progressing.

I'm impressed enough with my S10+ that for casual shots, i have no problem using it. It definitely is convenient. So with this new version, I am certain that I would be happy with it.