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Samyang/Rokinon Announces a New Ultra-Wide Lens for Sony APS-C Cameras: The AF 12mm f/2

Samyang/Rokinon has announced its latest lens for Sony APS-C cameras: the rectilinear AF 12mm f/2 E, complete with autofocus and weather-sealing for shooting in challenging conditions.

Giving an equivalent field of view on a full frame camera of 18mm, this is Samyang/Rokinon’s first ultra-wide prime lens featuring autofocus for Sony APS-C cameras. It follows closely on the heels of Samyang/Rokinon’s AF 24mm f/1.8 FE for Sony full frame mirrorless cameras and makes another tiny addition to the company’s lineup of lenses. The lens weighs a mere 7.5 oz (213 g) and is only 2.3 in (5.9 cm) in length. You can take a virtual tour of the lens on Samyang’s website by clicking here and read a full product description here.

Sony a6x00 owners will likely welcome this new lens, as at f/2, it offers excellent speed and good potential for astrophotography. 12 elements sit in 10 groups with three extra-low dispersion and two aspherical elements to reduce chromatic aberrations and distortions. An Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) helps to reduce internal reflections, minimizing flare. The minimum focusing distance is 7.44 in (19 cm).

Samyang guarantees outstanding image quality and promises a quieter autofocus system thanks to a “newly researched and developed” stepping motor.

The lens is expected to be available from June for $400. Will you be placing an order? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tim van der Leeuw's picture

I wonder if the optical formula is the same as their existing 12mm f/2.0 manual APS-C lens?

If it's improved, I'd be interested in a version for the Fuji X-mount. :)

Andy Day's picture

Chris Frost did a review and seems very positive about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG66Ru_4fU4


Tim van der Leeuw's picture

Thanks, I'll check it out later. :)

Chris Fowler's picture

This lens looks great!
Cheaper and faster than the Sony 10-18mm.
Smaller, cheaper, faster than the newly announced Tamron 11-20mm.
Lighter than the Sigma 16 (a very popular choice for Sony APSC owners).

This lens will sell well for APSC users who want to shoot wide landscapes, astrophotography, and will balance nicely on a small gimbal for users who may want to vlog with it too. I think I just talked myself into buying this lens...