The SmallHD FOCUS 7 Is a New 7-Inch On-Camera Monitor for Small Video Productions

When 5 inches isn't enough, SmallHD now brings a 7-inch on-camera monitor to videographers with the FOCUS 7.

The new SmallHD FOCUS 7 is priced at $699 and features a daylight-viewable, 1,000-nit IPS touchscreen display. This 7-inch monitor supports UHD 4K30p video input and 10-bit color depth on its 1,920x1,200 resolution screen. The OS3 firmware onboard the FOCUS 7 allows users to customize tools like waveform, exposure assist, focus peaking, zebra, and more, as well as access them faster with customizable pages accessed via touchscreen.

The FOCUS 7 has two built-in battery slots for Sony L-series batteries and can be used with one or both batteries mounted. It features an HDMI Type A port to video input, and SD card slot and micro-USB port for importing LUTs, and a DC barrel output to run a faux battery to the camera (coming soon). In total there are four mounting points, one on the bottom, both sides, and rear of the FOCUS 7.

With the announcement of the FOCUS 7, SmallHD is also launching a number of accessories to work with the new 7-inch monitor such as tilt arms, sun hoods, screen protectors, and more.

For more information and to preorder the SmallHD FOCUS 7, head over to B&H.

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Robert Feliciano's picture

I'm not sure what the market for these is when you can get a 5" Atomos recorder for the same price or a 7" Atomos recorder for $100 more.

Garrett Reid's picture

I agree although you’ll need several accessories like a ssd (That is optional I suppose), hdmi cable, etc which does drive up a bit for the Ninja V. Not supporting 4K60 is the deal breaker for me since that’s going to be the headline feature for the next round of cameras and already is in a few cases.

Robert Feliciano's picture

For 4K60, you're looking at the Ninja Inferno for $300 more.
The difference in price between 1TB in UHS-II SD cards or XQD cards and 1TB in SSD easily covers the $300.

Robert Feliciano's picture

Actually, it looks like the Ninja V does do 4K60. My camera doesn't, so I never bothered to check.