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The Sony a1 Is So Fast That You Can Make a Movie From Still Image Bursts

The Sony a1 is probably the most extreme camera we have seen so far, with one of its most notable features being that insane 30 fps continuous burst rate. While the camera also has some equally impressive video features to accompany its photo capabilities, it is more fun to see just how truly fast that aforementioned burst rate is by shooting video using it. 

Coming to you from ZY Productions, this neat video shows just how insanely fast the Sony a1 actually is. Its 30 fps stills photo burst rate is the same frame rate as a lot of standard video, and as such, you can actually shoot "video" by firing short bursts (the buffer is good for a little over five seconds at a time). Of course, you also need to capture the audio separately since it is not actually a video mode, but it is not like you would ever actually shoot video like this. Rather, it illustrates just how powerful a tool the camera could end up being for sports and wildlife photographers, who are forever in the pursuit of shots that live in the crevices between microseconds of time. Check out the short clip above to see it in action. 

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Michael Aubrey's picture

Basically you can create 8k GIFs.

Yin Ze's picture

I often have to shoot video and stills. I wish a1 would have an option to hold down a button to record stills at 24fps with sound and then automatically make a video clip of the recorded still images.

Tdotpics photography's picture

that would be amazing