Is Sony Close to Announcing the a7 IV?

We’re now well past three years since the a7 III was announced, and Sony has just registered a new camera body, sparking another round of excitement. Is the a7 IV finally upon us?

With the a7 III, Sony’s “basic” full frame model fixed many of the issues that previously caused many to hold back in making the jump to mirrorless. Its successor is greatly anticipated, especially as the a7S III, with its fully articulating screen, gave a hint of what the Japanese giant might have in store with its new camera.

The widely-respected Nokishita posted news of Sony registering “WW734234” with an overseas certification body, and as The New Camera suggests, its use of the 5.1Ghz Wi-Fi Module hints that it will be a full frame camera.

That leaves us to guess that the a7 IV might arrive in the not-too-distant future, no doubt triggering a round of speculation as to what Sony has decided to include in the updated body. A small bump to the resolution to differentiate it from the a7C might be in order, though I’ll be interested to see if the rear display outdoes that seen on the recently-released a1.

Is the a7 IV approaching? Let us know your expectations in the comments below.

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Jerome Brill's picture

Sony needs to realize their isn't a replacement to the a7Riii right now. It's been shown that both the a7Riii and A7iii have less noise than the RIV. Are the autofocus systems better? Yes. Menu better? Yes but not enough to warrant dumping the camera you paid $3200 on just a few years ago. I also think some of us were waiting for Sony to update the menu system in the older cameras. Honestly id be a happy camper if they just changed the focal point color to something other than black on the Riii. They probably won't change these things but that's not going to make me get a new camera. What do I want? A cheaper A1. I don't need 61mp but 50 would be a good upgrade over 42. Looking at dpreviews image-comparison tool shows me the A1 is right on pair noise wise with the A7iii and Riii. Unfortunately I just don't see that sensor put in a camera that would be cheaper than the IV, even if it has less MP. We can only hope.

Jake Lindsay's picture

With programs like dxo deep prime and topaz any gains in noise performance by the provide models aren't really that relevant IMO.

barry cash's picture

I’d compare those to other software available as a few have done that produce much much better results.
Also larger sensors outperform mpx so don’t give up hope.

Daniel Lee's picture

According to SAR it’s a high end APSC camera. Lots of rumors of a A7RV too since it’s around 2 years now.

I honestly think Sony will let the A7C sell a bit more before doing an A7IV.

Fritz Asuro's picture

But Sony Alpha Rumors is not reliable, they're mostly guessing and predicting the future and call it a "Rumor"

Tim Sheehan's picture

Looking at their track record there will be another full frame camera in September. Anything earlier is probably APS-C, but almost certainly an A7IV this year as every other line has been refreshed now.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Um...this is news?

Mutley Dastardly's picture

Let's hope the LA-EA5 will get proper support this time!

barry cash's picture

Sony’s three lenses with new motors and better glass is a big step in the right direction, a few more new lenses and it could be interesting to acquire a Sony kit for shooting things that don’t move!

Ben Jones's picture

Hope it is, though likely an apsc as some have mentioned. My guess the a7iv will have 32MP, no cut off in 4k, and a maybe a castrated 8k mode.
Main things that will make me pull the trigger are no recording limit and fixed menus. Anything else would be a bonus.
Would be nice to get a good viewfinder too.

Alex Herbert's picture

I've been shooting on an A7iii for a couple of years now. The menus are a non-issue and unless you're filming a full seminar or something the recording limit has never posed a problem for me either. You can buy an Atomos Ninja or similar for longer recordings. I think most people are much more interested in 10 bit 4:2:2 internal/external recording with a decent codec.

Max C's picture

I am hoping it's the A7IV.

All this new FF glass being released it would kinda dumb to release a crop sensor camera before the A7IV.

The A1 market is small, the A7IV much like their A7III will out sell their other bodies.

Zak Zak's picture

Yes it would make sense that a popular model would be released following all this new glass. But also, have to remember that Sony has been playing catch up in the lens department and have really caught up in style!

David Hunter's picture

About 9 months ago my Fuji X100S finally broke beyond repair. It served me well for 8 years. After a long while I wished to upgrade to an interchangeable lens camera and I wanted to get into Profoto gear too. Did I want to do this with an APSC camera? Not really. Still, I sent my camera to Fuji to fix the broken power button and they could not fix it. I used my camera almost every day. I even shot weddings with it. I love small, get-out-of-the-way cameras. With Profoto lighting that pretty much leaves only Sony as my next camera. I could get an A7lll for a bargain basement price but I want the new and improved menu system and a fully articulating screen could be interesting too, plus, I want my next camera to last another 8 years. I've been waiting for the Sony full frame A7lV. There's been nothing and more nothing. C'mon Sony. The wait is killing me. I know.... first world problems.

Zak Zak's picture

Me too, I don’t want to put my money into 60MP cameras where the ability to transfer even 100 photos at full res in raw as an upload becomes an issue. Not to mention the storage space on an SSD/HDD can be expensive (and we aren’t at that point in time yet where 1TB is like buying a 500GB HDD). MP count is a marketing gimmick unless you’re a billboard photographer.

Sony needs to get its lossless file size in order.