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Vibe's Selfie Flash Is the Phone Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

You've already mastered sneaking your selfies by the window to grab that natural soft light, but now with this smartphone accessory you don't have to work around the sun's schedule. Lenovo's new Selfie Flash is exactly what it sounds like. A 3.5mm headphone jack mounted light designed to illuminate your face for the front-facing camera.

Introduced at CES 2015, this ring light plugs right into the headphone jack and syncs up with the camera shutter to provide an extra kick of flash to your photos. When used with the Lenovo Vibe X2 smartphone, the Xtension Selfie Flash will automatically take a photo three seconds after you activate the light. However, you don't need an X2 to utilize this accessory, but with other phones you'll have to trigger the shutter yourself. The eight LED ring flash is said to last around a hundred shots on a single charge. The ring light won't bring that signature right light look to your photos as it doesn't actually surround the lens, but I prefer to use my ring light off-camera anyway. It won't break the bank either, ringing in as a $30 add on. The Lenovo Selfie Flash will be made available through Lenovo's website.

Selfie Light Demo from The Verge

Android Authority's Selfie Light Test

[via Pop Photo]

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William Wright's picture

Well, that's dumb

Paulo Macedo's picture

Cool gadget, if you're into selfies and stuff. Don't see myself buying it, but i would like to give it a try!

Glen Berry's picture

It won't be long, till someone uses a short extension cable to actually put this ringlight around their phone's lens. I'm actually surprised the gadget doesn't come with a short extension cable.

John Yu's picture

Sounds like I can use a short 3.5mm extension cable and use it like a real ring light around the lens.