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WD's New Wireless Storage Device Backs-Up SD Cards On-Location

With the rise of smartphones and lack of expandable storage locally, many manufactors have been creating storage solutions with options to access over a wireless network connection. While this isn't anything new, it appears as Western Digital is releasing a one-step solution for photographers needing to backup SD cards on location. 

The new Western Digital My Passport Wireless will run off a recharagble battery with a life of 6 hours of continuous video streaming and up to 20 hours of standby time. The device will include a built-in SD card slot for quick backup on location, and the ability to connect to your phones / tablets with the My Cloud app for off-site cloud backup as well as steaming capablity to connected TVs / media devices. 

According to AnandTech.com:

Western Digital claims that the device allows up to 8 different devices at the same time (with a maximum of four simultaneous HD video streams). The rechargeable battery is rated for 6 hours of video streaming and 20 hours of standby. The USB 3.0 device port allows it to be used as a DAS. Western Digital has also added a Wi-Fi hub feature to the device so that moble devices connecting to it can still access the Internet through the My Passport Wireless while also enjoying access to the huge storage capacity. In addition to access through the mobile apps, there is also a web dashboard for configuration through any standard web browser.

It will be available in three capacities, 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB priced at $130, $180 and $220 respectively. They are slated for a September 5th release. For more information, head over to Western Digital's website

The only thing thing that seems to be missing here is connectivity with existing WD My Cloud offerings. If you are unfamiliar, Jaron Schneider covered the My Cloud in an earlier workflow review. The My Cloud creates a personal DropBox-like cloud storage, and it's a shame this new My Passport Wireless can't connect to that cloud and remotely back up files. That would be killer.

[Via AnandTech.com]


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Brett Martin's picture

I looked into buying a similar product for dumping SD cards to make backups while on vacation. You can buy cheap ones for about $150+ which may or may not work every time. Or you can buy a $400 model that does work all the time, and even has a small LCD screen. In the end I bought a $400 Acer laptop, it's not as portable but it does way more than the $400 backup device did. For $130+ I would definitely consider this product as I "trust" WD a bit more than no-name Chinese manufactures making similar devices.

Bavarian DNA's picture

I was hoping that something like this to come up one day and hoping sooner than later, as Brett said, i use also a cheap laptop for backing up my SD's. Thank you Jerrit for bringing this up

Chuck Navarro's picture

We used to use something like this to backup our P2 cards when shooting news. This is a great thing but for a couple hundred bucks you can get a decent little netbook to backup also. Still looks like a great product though. http://www.panasonic.com/business/provideo/AG-MSU10.asp#

Peter Barta's picture

Looks like a nice product, hope they can make one that will offer CF cards. Still not a fan of the little SDs. I almost strictly use CF cards but it seems like more and more products are coming out for SDs. CF still seems to be more reliable and more robust. I feel like I could break one of those little SDs in my pocket, just to flimsy.
I use this and really like it, never had any problems. I bought the case and then bought the hard drive separate to save money. Works great and accepts different types of cards as well. And as commented already, I also use a cheap Acer when on longer trips for another backup. http://tinyurl.com/sanhocolorspace

Chris Blair's picture

Yea, one that does CF and SD would rock.

Chet Meyerson's picture

Maybe I'm not 'getting it'? If you have to plug the SD card into the device, what's wireless have to do with it? Battery powered I understand, no cords. Unless I'm using a EyeFi card, how do I wirelessly back up an SD card from the camera??

Kamal Mahmassani's picture

The wireless is for connecting your phone, nothing to do with the camera

Chad Westover's picture

Steaming capabilities... that sounds nice. What all can it steam exactly?

Chris Blair's picture

This looks interesting. No more laptops!

Sandr Kozlov's picture

SanDisk has this drives on the market for some time.