What Is the Best High-Resolution Full Frame Camera Available Today?

There are a lot of high-resolution full frame cameras available nowadays, and they all offer quite well-rounded feature sets and image quality. Which one is right for you? This fantastic video review takes a look at the four of the most impressive and modern options out there and how they compare to each other. 

Coming to you from DP Review TV, this excellent video review compares the Canon EOS R5, Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z 7II, and Panasonic S1R mirrorless cameras. Even just a few years ago, very high-resolution full frame cameras were relatively rare, and you generally had to deal with a fair amount of tradeoffs or move up to very expensive medium format options if you wanted those extra pixels. Nowadays, we have a wide variety of options available in just about every popular mount, and there are far less tradeoffs. In particular, manufacturers have vastly increased the continuous burst rates of such cameras, meaning you can often use them both for things like portraiture and action work equally well, making them fantastic all-around options instead of more specialized devices meant for a few select genres. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Blake Aghili's picture

Leica SL2 duh :D

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Lol D850, agreed with everyone, even Canon and Sony people. But mirrorless... hmmm

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With whatever camera you are happy with.