What Is the Best Street Photography Setup?

One of the neat things about street photography is that there are so many different approaches to what gear one can use. Some prefer a simple, quiet rangefinder with a neutral focal length prime, while others will use a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a superzoom for the flexibility and more advanced features. What is the right option for you? This great video features a few street photographers discussing their thoughts on the topic. 

Coming to you from Gajan Balan, this interesting video discusses some of the best gear options for street photographers. Personally, it is hard to beat Fujifilm's X100V. I have never been a big fan of fixed lens cameras, but the X100 series was always an exception for me. They are the type of camera that stay completely out of your way, but also draw you into the process and really get you back into the pure experience and joy of photography. And after five generations, the X100 has been refined into a truly powerful camera with all the features you would expect from a modern model. Of course, that is just my choice; check out the video above for more, and let me know what you would use in the comments! 

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Greg Wilson's picture

A used Leica M10 + Elmarit 90mm combo works very well for me for the last few years. Literally put my GAS to an end.

Tamas Nemeth's picture

The M11 is soon to be out, just saying... :)

Gary WWU85's picture

Canon R3 with 50 1.8 or 16-35.

Crazy Ji's picture

There’s no “best”, but there are situation setups. For me I shoot mostly with a Leica M246 and 35mm summicron. It’s a good all around kit. For tight shots and to be more discreet I swap to my Ricoh GR3 with a 28mm crop and super stealthy size. Other than that if I want to just run around and have fun, I shoot my Hasselblad 907x medium format.

jon stivers's picture

I am not a fan of b roll type behavior, jokes, or antics. Just get to the info, please.

Chris Rogers's picture

Yeah I agree. Unfortunately that's meta for content creators these days. Lots of and lots of B roll with the little bit of actual content sprinkled in between.

Lee Christiansen's picture

For much of my street work, it is my Canon 5D3 with a 70-200 f2.8 on the front. I like to find stolen moments in the crowd, so I need some distance.

Of course there are some that will tell me it isn't street work if it isn't shot on film, with a Leica and a fisheye lens... ha