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My first attempt at Concert Photography

I have always had interest in Concert Photography. Something about that really peaks my creativity! This is the my...
Last: March 24, 2020

Norwegian concert: Isah

Picture from the crowd stand of the Norwegian artist Isah. Make me know what you think!
Last: February 12, 2020

The Bass!

The one who is holding your back.
Last: January 24, 2020


Tatiana Shmailyuk of Jinjer. ☆ 16.06.2018 @ Klub Studio, Kraków, Poland ☆ More: or link in my...
Last: January 24, 2020

Stranger Things have happened... my first post ever :)

This is my first post here, and I am glad to share a passion with everyone! I had the privilege to shoot the band of...

Lights and colours at a Christmas concert

I think the exciting thing about being a music photographer is that the lighting is out of your control. I'm new to the...

Exodus, Exmortus, Nukem 7/18/2019 at House of Blues, San Diego, CA

This was a special event for Comic Con. This is my first time shooting a concert and boy, was it difficult! I shot this...

A Glimpse Into The Underground Scene photo book

Hi, i have created a small concert photo book containing live shots of different punk and hardcore bands. The photos...

Logo beams Singer

My first time to shoot a local band. The lighting was really poor but we tried to use what we've got. Let me know your...
Last: December 16, 2019

Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella joining the Chainsmokers on stage at the Toyota Center— Handheld at 600mm cause someone left his monopod...

VetsAid2019 Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center

Picked up the Sigma 150-600 Sport for the Toyota Center events which can be from a ways back! Even used it handheld one...


Cirque Soleil

Bluesman Charley Sayles at work

Legendary blues harp master, Charley Sayles, performing at the Columbia Pike Blues festival in Arlington, VA.

Lena Scissorhands

Sold out concerts are fun... for the band. A little less fun when you're in the pit. Actually it's not true. I do have...


Leon larregui at Tecate Catrina Music Fest Canon 300mm. 6D Mark II

Holy sun!

First of all this band is amazing to photograph! All the members are very interactive with the audience and move around...

And Action

Not easy shooting in the dark

Sick Of It All

🎶 Peter Koller // Sick Of It All 📷 ---⠀⠀ 9 XI 2019 @ Kwadrat,...
Last: November 18, 2019

Cancer Bats

🎤 Liam Cormier ( Cancer Bats ) 🎶 Cancer Bats ---⠀⠀ 9 XI 2019 @ Kwadrat, Krakó

Halloween sumibu party

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