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Welcome to Group! Introduce Yourself :)

Hey everyone, I have been a long time follower/reader of FStoppers and have been in love with the new community...
Last: September 12, 2020

FDL Technique (focused diffused lighting) Car Fine Art Photography

I fell in love with this lighting technique. Like lightpainting u use multiple exposures and combine these in post. But...
Last: April 28, 2020

Jay Leno's 1994 McLaren F1

I'd love to get your critical comments on how I could have improved this picture - especially my editing in Lightroom...
Last: December 11, 2019

Raptor and a Smoke Grenade

Nothing to fancy, just a Raptor and a few frames from a smoke grenade. 55mm at f/8, 320iso. 3 layers of smoke blending...
Last: January 22, 2019

Night Rider / F10 at night

Hey guys, I'm learning and would love to get some feedback on this shot. Why it sucks, what would you do to make it...
Last: May 3, 2019

Ooooh, got a WOODIE!

Here you go, another classic. This woodie was lookin good!


This photo was taken back in the days when we were able to have car shows. The car show was the Port Orchard Cruz 2018...

Rona is still going on... revisiting old sets

Well a combo of Rona shutting everything down and me breaking 7 ribs has had me less than active with shooting cars...
Last: September 10, 2020

Mercedes-Benz SS Roadste

The beautiful Mercedes-Benz SS Roadste vintage

1951 Jaguar Mark V Drophead Coupe

I would like to share this beautiful 1951 Jaguar Mark V Drophead Coupe. For me this car shows car design at its best...
Last: September 8, 2020
Last: September 8, 2020

Dumbest Luck Shot of my Career.

Filming a promotional piece for client who runs an airport racing series. Was shooting just the car against the sunset...
Last: August 28, 2020

Trans Am Winner

Greg Pickett winning this past weekends race at Sonoma Raceway.


Not sure if I'm the right group, as I'm an amateur and don't even know what car this is. I just happened to catch this...

F80 M3

Hey everyone this is a shoot I did with a clients M3. Love how the rollers came out and the detail shot came out too!...

Porsche 911 RSR

This was shot during the Cadillac GP, an event held last month at Sebring International Raceway in Florida. It was...
Last: August 4, 2020

2020 AMG GT C

Reached out to buddy of mine to see if they had anything in the shop to shoot. Pulled up and this was in the parking...
Last: August 2, 2020

Chevrolet SSR Convertible Pickup

The Chevrolet SSR (Super Sport Roadster) is a retractable hardtop convertible pickup truck manufactured by Chevrolet...

Subaru photoshoot

Everything is done with Canon 6d 24-105mm and 580ex II speedlight!
Last: July 6, 2020