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Misty Morning

Sunrise at Rietvlei Nature reserve, South Africa .. a few cormorants on the island waking up
Last: June 21, 2021

Glucofort Reviews – Latest Update 2021

Glucofort tries to situate itself as the ideal accomplice for any individual who is thinking that its difficult to keep...

The granduer of waterfalls

The heat broke today in northern Utah(temporally) with temps in the mid-70s...heaven. Considering that on Saturday we...
Last: June 21, 2021

Dentitox Pro Reviews – Latest Update 2021

Dentitox Pro is a dietary help equation made to assist individuals with keeping up dental wellbeing and dispose of...


Mercedes personal photo session, all shots were lighting with a led bar
Last: June 21, 2021

Before the storm

With difficulty to looking for new place for new images at the in the city where is usually already taken photo. Single...

Shoot at secluded lake

From a recent shoot with Karla in one of my favourite locations in Ireland.


After a good while without a camera I have just bought myself a new one , but would like to have my older pics...
Last: June 21, 2021

BioFit Probiotic Reviews – Latest Update 2021

BioFit is the best multi-strain probiotic supplement for amazing weight reduction. It likewise causes you to improve...

Lovers path

Having walked and discovered many places for so many years in my village, last summer, I decided to visit them again,...

Met Slim Pro Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Improving digestion is the demonstrated common chemical reset stunt for weight reduction. In any case, bringing down...

Helicopter out in the wild..

Def a different shot for me. I was out at the marsh shooting birds when this guy flew right over my head so I shot off...
Last: June 21, 2021

A different type of sunset picture

Would love your thoughts. Had perfect conditions and felt extremely inspired.
Last: June 21, 2021

Little Shed on the Prairie

Ran across this gem while scouting for a astrophotography photoshoot. I believe this midday, harsh light, clear sky...
Last: June 21, 2021

Chris Told Me To! :)

Event when I'm on a client project I cannot help myself and am always running off down some alley or scrambling over a...
Last: June 20, 2021

The Power of the Line

At last I’ve finally got around to updating my website. A totally new look, layout, and functionality! In the Exhibits...
Last: June 20, 2021

Lines in the Salt

In one of the last storms I got to experience in the dead sea I managed to find these amazing texture lines that only...

The Village Green

A morning picture Nothing to say detailed... A village located in Indian state 'Kerala' widely known as God's Own...
Last: June 20, 2021

Jadyn in sheer black

I was invited to shoot headshots for a class at a local modeling school. That's where I met Jadyn. She had great form...
Last: June 20, 2021


Is there a moderator in this group? It's full of SPAM...
Last: June 20, 2021