Glass Abstract

Low angle of office building with glass fins extending from the facade.


Wooden Joint connector. I liked the visual complexity in the composition. As well as the grey tones.

Fine and Abstract

Hi, resumed holding camera and processing after extremely long. struggled a bit for workflow. Both these frames were...

“Yellow Reflections”

Forest reflection.

Dying flower

Not sure if it’s fine art. What do you guys think?

"Mango On Blue"

A mango!

“Shapes And Shadows ”

This image is a small part of a very large, white, outdoor marble sculpture. In photoshop, I extracted, what I thought...


Critical comments invited. A pitstop during a tiring hike at a coffee estate. It has a lot to offer besides much needed...


Inviting Critical comments. A small hike. serene glimpse at the end at height and all efforts paid off. Its located at...

"Gingko Leaves After The Rain"

I made this image of some fallen gingko leaves after an autumn rain storm.


Critical comments invited. A quick break. No time to set the frame. Yet, what one may get is the memory to preserve and...

Standing Tall

Critical comments invited for improvement. My thoughts shall be shared at review. Thanks.

Yin Yan

Inviting Critical Comments

Not among them

Inviting critical comment for improvement

Water Pond (Kund)

Inviting Critical Comments

My first stab at Fine Art...Thoughts?

I wanted to try something that was more fine art/abstract...what are your thoughts? This is my take on the "Egg on the...

Fine Art Self-Portraiture

This was my first attempt at fine art self-portraiture. I tried to create tension using a heavy baroque diagonal with a...

Some of my latest works

With a limited amount of groups showcasing interiors, I thought it would be great to post some work here in the Fine...


Lately I've been focussing on mental health issues in my conceptual work. It's a topic that feels ripe for inspiration...