The Calm Before the Storm

Female red-winged blackbird taking in the last few moments before the afternoon storms arrive.

Swamp Sparrow

Picture was taken in Fontainebleau State Park in South Louisiana.

Coal Tit

Coal Tit Had a day at a hide in Derbyshire - if you haven't tried this, highly recommend it CC welcome

The Egret

In full flight, one can witness the magnificence of the egret

Hello. My image of a Short-eared Owl

Greetings. I'm relatively new to getting involved here on FStoppers but am open to sharing, learning and meeting fellow...

Zoo Trip

Feed back is appreciated!

Hello, new group member, high speed flash hummingbirds, mainly

Most of my hummingbird photos are taken with a custom Olsen Ultra flash, with 4 flash heads, a canon d60 to 5D mark III...

Flock of chews in front of the sun

I was pointing my camera to the sun, when suddenly a chew passed in between. This gave me the idea to wait a little bit...

Photogenic owl

Captured this at the zoo she was standing there looking at people passing by and then she noticed me taking pictures


Took this in the back yard this morning, patience was the key, Fuji XT30 55-200, cable release and tripod.

Sitting ducks

ducks: We don't care if it's 4 seconds, 4 minutes or 4 hours, we won't move. me: thanks for that !

Male Snowy Owl takes flight

A Male Snow Owl takes to the air at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Half-collared Kingfisher

Half-collared Kingfisher

A VERY Texan Eastern Phoebe

I love these birds no matter how common they are. View more of my photography at

Frisco Waterbirds

I stumbled upon a thriving egret and heron community during my lunch breaks and decided to document my journey — http...

Lunch time

A puffin gathered some sand eels to feed its little ones...

(just another) moody day

A shot of a puffin, during a rainy day somewhere at Mykines, Faroe Islands...


One Pelican found walking on a Australian beach in northern NSW. Shot with a GH5 and a Panasonic / Leica 100-400

American Kingpin .

Shot with a Tamron 70-200mm f 2.8 V1 .

A vultures Flight .

Captured at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago .