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hi i will like to share my nude portrait project, called Elements. its a double exposure experiment. to communicate the nature of human body. hope you like it

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Sam Foto's picture

I like the direction and artistry in this collection. Kudos.

Daniel Araiza's picture

thank you :)

Yuri Benitez's picture

Very creative and well executed.

Thomas Anderson's picture

A cohesive collection here with a wonderful look. Great job!

Jon Miller's picture

great body of work, really like this series.

Eslava del Río's picture

Nice job!

Matthew Mulholland's picture

Wow, ART Dan!

Martin Howard's picture

Very inspiring!

Victor Khong's picture

Definitely different with a direction that is deconstructive yet familiar. Well done.

pablo valles's picture

Love it.. Now I want a print!

Joe Rivers's picture

Beautiful work Daniel. Just enough of each exposure (element).

cheehan ng's picture

like it very much

Anthony Chang's picture

Really love the emotion of the characters and the disintegration effect

Colin Fibiger's picture

Wonderful set of work