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Lawnmower Racings

I'm pretty new in photography and one of the types of photography I prefer is Motorsport photography. I had my fist dslr this past March.

Thoses are the first ever I took at the lawnmower's races in the beginning of the summer. ALL tips and advices are welcome.

Taken with a Nikon D80 and a Nikon 70-300mm f4.5-5.6

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Pretty good start!

Some notes in no particular order:

--They look slightly flat. I'd kick up the exposure (maybe), contrast, clarity, and brightness a little.

--Unless there's just something really interesting about it, or adding to a story, don't post non-action shots. Eg, they are just sitting there; or, moving very slowly.

--I would have tried to shoot at 300mm instead of 195mm and cropping in post. Cropping in too much could really degrade your final image. As an example, the 2nd and 3rd photos from the bottom.

--I would have used f5.6 instead of f8 to help separate the subjects from the background, lower your shutter speed to blur the wheels, and, lower your ISO for a cleaner image.
-----(1) Most of your settings were at 1/800 f8 ISO 800. By opening your aperture to f5.6 from f8 (1 stop), you can lower the ISO to 400 (1 stop).
-----(2) Now, you're at 1/800 f5.6 ISO 400. You can lower the shutter speed to 1/400 (1 stop) to help blur the tires. then compensate by lowering the ISO to 200 (1 stop).
-----(3) Final settings of 1/400 f5.6 ISO 200, exposure wise, is the same as your original, but, I think will help yield more interesting and cleaner images.

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Thanks for the comments and the tips it's really appreciated. I'm taking notes :)

btw your photos look really good :)