Moon Rocks

In the outskirts of the Judean desert there is a magnificent field of boulders, that can sometimes give you the feeling...

Cherry Springs

Took the trip to Cherry Springs Park in PA. This was my first time capturing the milky way. Would to hear some feedback

Stonehenge on the Columbia

CC, Please! I am new to Astrophotography and also Lightroom/Photoshop. I am bothered by the Magenta and would like to...


"Vancouver Island doesn't have any mountains." - I've heard this said many times, and not an ounce of it reigns true...

Storm and the milky way

Taken in Badlands NP Sony a7ii 28mm 20 second exposure

Milky Way bow above Palouse Falls

It’s that wonderful time of the year (at least in the Northern hemisphere) to camp out and sleep / stay awake under the...

Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Cellulite

CATEGORY: health STORY Cellulite occurs when you have too much body fat and not enough muscle. Since this problem is...

Door to Infinity

The setting Moon illuminates the front door of this rural one room schoolhouse in Central Oregon. I like how the...

Schools out!

I chose an abandoned one room schoolhouse as my foreground. A waning gibbous lit the hills. Canon EOS R 15-35mm f/2.8 f...

Badlands NP

I spent a few days in Badlands National Park last week to shoot at night. I ran into zero other serious photographers.

Epic Aurora

From the April northern lights display.

The Milky Way Over Superstition Mountain

CATEGORY: Blend/Stacked STORY There was a 3-hour window to shoot the Milky Way on Sunday night, so a fellow photograher...

Anyone catch a Lyrid last night?

This was my result. What's your excuse? :) Dave K.

A barn under the starry night

It was a fantastic evening to drive into Palouse (WA, USA), and getting to this barn. Standing there on the side of an...

Joshua Tree Nightscape at 24mm

I took a drive out to Joshua Tree National Park to create a few images on the night of 3/20/21. This is a composite of...

Milkyway over Dersim

Exif: Tracking/Blend f2.8 | Exposure: 340 Seconds | ISO 800 f8 | ISO 400 | 45 Sec (forderground) Sony A7 ||| - Lens:...

Star gazing in Arizona

This is my second attempt in astrophotography. What a rush it was to see my first images on my digital viewfinder. Yet...


Here's a new image from a few weeks ago captured in Eastern Oregon and kicking off the MW season right! It's been a...

the "Dreamworks" moon

as always the moon shots are fun. 500m rf lens . would like to redo this with a 2x TC.

Not a Night Photographer

Hello, I enjoy night photography but it's not something I would consider my self all that good at. Over the past year I...