Knight of the Desert

We embarked a journey through the “infamous” Baja 1000 territories, driving alone(no other cars) for the second time...


It got cloudy right after sunset as I was waiting for C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) to appear. I took shots every time it got...

SkyHeart | SH2-190

The Heart Nebula, as it is known, covers an area in the sky about about 4x4 full moons in size. A group of powerful...

Black Hole in Space

Black Hole "eating" the star.

First couple Astro shots

Spent the summer working in Wyoming and was fortunate enough to experience a few moonless nights. My dads legacy Nikon...

My first attempt at a milky way

This is my first attempt at a Milky Way photo taken at Stonehenge Memorial in Southwest Washington. I'm not familiar...

First post in Fstoppers

Hello guys, this is my first post here so i don't know really well how it works. I'm from Brazil and this is a couple...

Allos Lake (france)

Panorama, 35mm eosRP

My summer Astro shots

Some images I’ve taken over the course of summer 2020, equipment canon 700d, Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens

45 min on M31 from Central Texas

It's been a while since I've done any deep sky imaging, and even longer since I imaged M31. 44 x 60 sec Unguided ISO...

First post on the group

Hi, members of astrophotography group! This is my first post here, (not on fstoppers). It's a single shot, taken at...

The Lunar Lagoon

On a much needed Oregon Coast run at the end of summer, we were dealt some lemons but made sure to make that lemonade!...

Lonley speck

Taken a couple of years ago a blend of 3 images , i think the fire is too much , any help would be appreciated

Rainier Inversion

A cloud inversion rolling against the hillside under Mt. Rainier. Was truly blessed with these conditions. In frame you...

The Ghost of Iredale

The Ghost of Iredale Oregon, Coast August 2019 ------------------------ Haven't shot much Milky Way this year, but 2019...

The North America Nebula from my backyard in the city

This image was taken over the course of several nights from my backyard in Portland Oregon. It’s an example of...

First attempt at stacking milky way

So I've gotten around to some other images from the last new moon cycle and I liked this composition. I've stacked the...

Grand Canyon Star Trails

Star trails over Duck on a Rock at the Grand Canyon South Rim using Elia Locardi's faded tail technique. This was 75 1-...

Aggie Barn by Night

Shooting star caught through the center of the Milky Way at the Aggie Barn. I've been meaning to make it out here for...

Beginner Milky way shot and edit with 50mm f2.0

just started photographing, went for milky way shooting on top of a hill during new moon 1st photo is a merge of 3 shot...