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Bike photos

Hi guys can you comment and give some critique :)

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Chris Johnson's picture

Just to start your settings are good, exposure, focus and timing ect.. are all good.
The second shot is just a little flat looking, It would be nice with some better lighting or some post processing.
I like the feel of the first shot, The way the background is so dark and the rider is lit up is great but the composition is bugging me. You can't tell if the rider is jumping off a curb or a huge drop.
In my opinion you should always try and show where the rider is going/ coming from.

Sorry for the terribly worded critique, it's been a while but I hope it helped.

Dimitar Katerov's picture

Thanks Chris,
When i was shooting the bottom one i still didn't have any flash so maybe that's why it looks a bit flat.
The first one is just a curb :) that's why I don't show the landing area.

Thanks a lot for the input!
Best regards,

Matt Burt's picture

I like the first. The lighting is good and it shows some dynamic action. I don't mind not being able to see the landing zone unless it was something that added a lot to the image.

The second one doesn't have the element of action the first does and the light is a bit flat as well. It also looks like it's tilted to make the rider upright when he is really leaning into a turn. Showing that lean would help the image IMO. Getting closer with some fill flash might also help.