On the edge

I was testing new style of lighting in studio.
Last: March 15, 2018


A random iphone shot of my niece, doing what kids do. The expression says it all.

Single light portrait using flashbender

This is my first off camera flash portrait using my flashbender. I would like to try out an octobox or something...

Lisbon Subway

Lisbon Subway / Fuji X-T2 & 23mm 1.4

Havana Pavillion - Prague

Hi Folks, I am new to thise group. This photo was taken this winter in Prague. It's the Havana Pavillion. The clouds...

Step Into Liquid

A reluctant friend standing still for 90 seconds. Something about black and white images is very alluring. Canon 5D MK3...

Dont do black and white much but i like this one.

took this with a canon 5d mark iii , las vegas nv, processed in lightroom , 135 f2 lens


Canon 6D in studio with one speedlight with Octobox

black & white beauty

this is my best black & white photos.tell me what you think about
Last: March 1, 2018


Can you read his palm and tell his fortune? How about his past? This is another image from my “Hands” portfolio. There...

Architectural London

I'm not an architectural photographer but walking trough the east side of London I came across the modern architecture...


From today's photoshoot. Please let me know what you think.
Last: February 25, 2018


This street shot was taken (with the gentleman's permission) in Havana, Cuba.

"Bleached Bikes"

This is an aerial view of a community bike rental rack that I bleached to give an unusual result.

Little boy portrait

It seems like someone scolded this little fella. I took the shot with a Canon A1 and an Ilford FP4 film
Last: February 24, 2018

Black and white from my last shoot.

Wanted to share a few black and whites from my latest shoot. Any feedback would be welcomed.
Last: February 24, 2018

How would you improve this portrait?

Looking for feedback and critiques. What would you do differently with this shot?
Last: February 24, 2018

Creative Black & Whites

This is my first post to this group. I have recently taken a liking to doing b&w photos. I've seen that black and...

Trying out some B&W photography first time, classic vintage look.

The model wanted to do something a little classic old looking nature with some soft lighting. So I thought I would...


Loving bnw at the moment Only using one light
Last: February 21, 2018